Many Of California’s Middle-Class Now Sleeping In Their Cars

California homeless parking lots

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In California, property taxes and sky-high rents are creating a new sector of middle-class homeless. Many people have begun sleeping in their cars throughout the state due to the inability to afford a place to live. There are now hundreds of nurses and other middle-class workers sleeping in RVs and their personal cars in lots in Santa Barbara. It’s a sad day when a hard-working nurse can’t afford to live properly due to a state that robs its citizens of their fair wages and squeezes out the middle-class.

One woman named Marva Ericson, who is a nursing assistant, was interviewed by the LA Times regarding her current state of homelessness.  Ericson makes use a Safe Parking program, she showers at a YMCA and gets dressed and goes to work each morning.

‘I wake up and I say, ‘Thank you God for keeping me safe last night, and thank you for the Safe Parking program’,’ the 48-year-old told the LA Times.

It should be noted that Ericson chooses to “thank” the state, rather than condemn it for creating the issue in the first place. If that’s not complete indoctrination, I’m not sure what is. When you work full-time as a nurse and you are thankful to the state for robbing you of your earnings in exchange for allowing you to sleep in a car in an abandoned parking lot, you are headed nowhere good. I’d be gathering my bug out bag essentials and looking for a plan B, or planning a revolt before I’d thank the state. That’s just insane.

New Beginnings Counseling Center runs the Safe Parking program as a way to provide a safe sleeping environment, which happens to be in parking lots. A stunning 35 percent of these parking lot homeless are considered senior citizens. While some have the “luxury” of sleeping in campers, most sleep in small cars.

Ericson, according to the article, suffered a brain tumor years back, which led to seizures, which ultimately led to her inability to continue to work. And all of this led to a life living as a vagabond in a parking lot. Her old rent was upwards of $1600, she fell behind due to lack of employment, and was never able to catch up. Now she just flat out can’t afford any rent at all.

For many, leaving areas such as Santa Barbara for less expensive areas isn’t so simple. Many are employed in the area where the parking lots are located. In California, you’d never make it to work in a timely manner due to overcrowding of freeways if you lived too far away from your job. Additionally, the cost of fuel is just as spectacular as rent. They’d be starting over by moving completely away, they’d also have to sacrifice some level of safety considering that lesser rents are typically located in more dangerous areas.

The parking program calls their homeless residents “clients,” and opens each night at 7 PM. But they also make “clients” leave at 6 AM. The program was started in part due to these now “clients” previously parking on the streets, which irked the wealthy residents in the area. This is sort of a negotiation to help curb angst among Santa Barbara’s elites. These parking programs are growing statewide.

California is this the true face of socialism?

California’s taxes, as well as their regulation of ammo, mandatory vaccines, property taxes and insane environmental programs, have ravaged the state into conditions that are unfathomable to the rest of the nation. California preppers are now stockpiling ammo ahead of draconian ammo laws being instituted. While these residents are buying ammo due to the incoming laws, it also makes you wonder if this, combined with a growing homeless middle-class, is the precipice of a civil war. How long will California residents tolerate being robbed by their politicians?

What’s even more compelling is that the writer of the LA Times article which has exposed the Santa Barbara issue seems to only display contempt for Los Angeles being less capable of creating safe parking lots. Rather than blame the elites who tax the people to death, this writer blames faith groups for incompetence. You have to read it to believe it.

Well, shame on them. If Santa Barbara can handle the challenges, and deliver an important service at a low cost (the budget is $400,000 a year), why can’t leaders of the homeless capital of the nation show a greater sense of urgency?

Even if business and faith leaders choose to behave like grinches, Los Angeles officials have identified dozens of unused and underutilized city-owned properties. If council members and Mayor Eric Garcetti can’t turn at least some of those into safe parking lots for the growing homeless convoy, they’re not trying hard enough.

Are too many of the folks of California ultimately too indoctrinated to see the light?

“I can barely afford to live here,” said New Beginnings Executive Director Kristine Schwarz. “Rents have gone up significantly and wages haven’t … and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.… I have staff paying more than two-thirds of their income on rent, and they’re gainfully, steadily employed. And they don’t even have their own places.”

Full-time employed, hard-working citizens in California are on the brink of homelessness. At this juncture, all residents of California need to be seeking political regime change or creating a California bug out plan. Because there are no indications that this travesty will ever resolve itself.

Author: Jim Satney

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