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Massachusetts school bans ‘best friends’ from language

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Massachusetts school bans ‘best friends’ from language

A preschool in Massachusetts has taken the political correctness baton handoff and they are now running down the final stretch of our race into complete and total lunacy (or more technically known as fascism).

Pentucket Workshop Preschool, located in Georgetown, has banned use of the term, “best friend.” Two little girls, in other words, can no longer refer to themselves as “best friends” because it, according to liberal doctrine, promotes inclusivity. Of course, little boys have “best friends” as well, it is equally banned. However, ABC news used the example of a little girl who broke liberal moral code when she referred to another little girl as her “best buddy.”

“She said you know so-and-so, you’re my best buddy. The teacher told her that she couldn’t say that there in school,” Julia’s mother, Christine Hartwell, told WBZ-TV.

“I think it’s ridiculous. Children who are 4 years old speak from their heart, so they should be able to call kids anything loving – you’re my best friend, you’re my best pal,” Hartwell said.

Fair enough, this certainly is another perilous fall into the left’s insane attacks on free speech, among other things. My question for Hartwell, of course, would be whether or not she contributed to the slippery slope years prior by supporting extreme left liberals who have taken miles from inches. I don’t know Hartwell, for all I know she’s hated this stuff from the beginning, but my greater point is that slippery slopes exist and by the time you reach your breaking point, the moralists have far too much momentum for you to stop. This is why we stop them early, even when that’s not comfortable or convenient.

So you might be thinking, was this a mistake? According to Pentucket Workshop Preschool, this is a legitimate policy.

“the term best friend can lead other children to feel excluded,” and it can “ultimately lead to the formation of cliques and outsiders,” and the school encourages “students to have a wider group of friends.”

Hartwell claims her daughter is now scared to use the term “best friend” even at home. In case you believe that the public school indoctrination talk is little more than conspiracy theory, that’s all you essentially need to know.

Time is running out to stop these facsist from breaking down our children and turning our society into a place that squandered basic human rights.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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