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Lauer’s Wife Annette Roque Leaves Country Amid Scandal Allegations

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Lauer’s Wife Annette Roque Leaves Country Amid Scandal Allegations

As more and more of the sanctimonious elites find their bitter end in a system short on due process, which they created, one is often left to wonder what’s happening with the significant other. In the case of disgraced former Today Show celebrity host, that would be Dutch model, Annette Roque. Immediately following Lauer’s Today Show fallout, Rogue was seen living in their Hampton’s home. However, it seems things have changed drastically.

Roque is now said to be out of the country, potentially staying at her family’s Amsterdam home. Obviously, Roque would be motivated to relieve herself of enduring anymore more massive media insurgencies which she has without question been subjected to. But Roque’s backstory with husband Matt Lauer may also lend itself to a worsening situation for the former TV host.

Rogue and Lauer have been married for 20 years, however, according to Fox News, the couple endured a marital downslide in 2006 when Roque filed for a divorce. Lauer then offered Roque the opportunity to sign what amounts to a pre-marital agreement, which would serve as retroactive. The agreement allegedly gives $5 million from Lauer to Roque in the instant of a divorce. One would be hard-pressed to believe that Roque wouldn’t take the obvious and profitable out here. The divorce would be a certainty if she were to file, given the current circumstances. What incident caused her to file for divorce seemingly has nothing to do with his role as a dad, which seems unquestioned.

“Matt needed to stay in the marriage to keep his reputation as America’s nicest dad. He is, in fact, a great, and very doting dad to his kids, but he is also a terrible husband,” a source Page Six.

This is where the real fallout for Lauer begins. While he may be disgraced and short a few Hollywood pals, he’s still one of the richest TV show host ever. If the allegations are true, Roque would easily stake claim to $5 million of that. Lauer’s attornies have stated that they will go after NBC for the remainder of his contract, however, one must assume that those who wielded allegations may well want some compensations which could be achieved through civil suits. For Lauer, the process remains in its infancy.

On Thursday, it was reported that Lauer deleted himself from all his social media accounts. Likely, this was at the advice of legal counsel, or Lauer was just unable to watch the fallout in trending digital format.

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Author: Jim Satney

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