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’10 Mandatory Vaccines Are Useless,’ Italian Deputy Prime Minister Lashes Out At Government

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’10 Mandatory Vaccines Are Useless,’ Italian Deputy Prime Minister Lashes Out At Government

Matteo Salvini once cheered on Germany to beat Italy in the World Cup, a country (Italy) he is now the Deputy Prime Minister of and one he’s igniting a revolt within because he felt Italy was “the worst of the worst” on the political landscape. He’s leading a charge to change all of that. A charge that many around the world are likening to President Trump in the United States.

Like “Make America Great Again,” Salvini’s “Italians first” political slogan has many Italian citizens revoking the ideas of old and embracing new policies that help protect and secure their nation. Salvini, like Trump, is considered a “racist” by his rivals who seemingly have adapted similar liberal plays to those we’ve seen in the United States that leverage identity politics in hopes of discrediting and disassociating those political figures who don’t kowtow the liberal agenda.

A year ago, Salvini called for a “mass cleansing” of illegal immigrants throughout the country.

“We need a mass cleansing, street by street, piazza by piazza, neighbourhood by neighbourhood,” Salvini, said during the interview. “We need to be tough because there are entire parts of our cities, entire parts of Italy, that are out of control.”

Italy recently turned down a boat carrying 224 refugees, stating, “they will only see Italy by postcard.”

Salvini’s role and responsibility on a formal level are pertinent to immigration, but he has often lashed out in other areas of government signaling to many that he may have an even deeper influence that his role specifies.

This past Friday, one glaring example of this broadening influence played out when Salvini condemned bulk vaccines. Italy is one of the most stringent mandatory vaccine countries in the world. Large protests against mandatory vaccines have become commonplace in cities throughout the country. In other words, Italy is experiencing a fight for parental rights and now Salvini, after his comments on Friday, is of heroic stature for those who may not see eye-to-eye with him regarding his immigration stances.

Salvini specifically attacked “10 vaccines” as being mandatory by the government.

“We want to allow all kids to get into class, to go to school,” said Mr Salvini. “We will keep going because I believe that 10 mandatory vaccinations are useless, and in many cases dangerous if not harmful.”

Back in 2016, President Trump made similar statements regarding the vaccine industry in the United States, which likely served to broaden his appeal amongst parents who seek to protect their parental rights, even in cases where they didn’t feel comfortable with all of then Presidential Candidate Trump’s stances.

Salvini and the 5-star movement was sworn in on June 1. Salvini, like Trump, has consistently put out previously unacceptable opinions through the media, prompting many citizens to feel they are experiencing a revolution that may free them from liberal policies that are pro-open borders and pro-heavy taxation.

Recently, liberal politicians were ousted in Ontario, Canada after Doug Ford’s stunning victory. Brexit is still fresh on the minds of many in Europe who also fear they are near the collapse of Germany, one of the most prominent open-border countries in the world.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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