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Pittsburgh Mental Hospital Accused Of Wrongfully Medicating Elderly Man


Pittsburgh Mental Hospital Accused Of Wrongfully Medicating Elderly Man

A Pittsburgh man claims that police, combined with a state facility, put him through a nightmare scenario. And now he’s suing them.

Eugene Wright, who is 63, says that he was wrongfully taken into custody and forced medications. The Retiree claims he was outside of his home when Meadville police and employees of Stairways Behavioral Health accosted him. They accused him of threatening the lives of patients at an orthopedic workplace. Wright claims he had no relation to the accusations, but the police arrested him anyway and turned him over to a local hospital facility’s “care.”

“They explained to me earlier that day at 10 a.m. I was at an orthopedic office threatening people. I was at work,” Wright said to wpxi.

Wright adamantly denied the reasons for which police were holding him at Meadville Medical Center. According to claims made in Wright’s lawsuit, doctors promptly injected Wright with the antipsychotic medication, Haldol, and Ativan.

“I was powerless. I had no control of what was going on down there,” Wright said to wpxi.

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Wright was given a $50 gift card to a steakhouse by doctors once they figured out they were wrong. Wright says he used the gift card. Now he’s levied a lawsuit against police and Stairways Behavioral Health.

This is another sad example of how our society is losing the battle against natural medical rights. The state should hold no right to force medicate anyone. Even under circumstances where someone is truly acting “crazy,” we need to first examine the medical history of that person rather than force medicating them. Often times, mass shooters have a history of taking depression medications.

In the case of Wright, this is a vile miscarriage of state overreach. He should not only be compensated highly, but there should also be some accountability over the matter. Who were the decision makers in this crime? There are people who failed to perform adequate due diligence in the matter. There are people who restrained and injected. There needs to be personal responsibility taken beyond just state settlements that will hardly make a dent in the debt-ridden systems. It certainly won’t change the ways and methods of police and medical personnel. There should be consequences at the highest of levels for this incident. Both police and hospital staff never even checked Wright’s ID to verify his claims of innocence. They outright dismissed any form of due process and went straight to medical injections.

I think we are going to need more than just a $50 steakhouse gift card.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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