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Melinda Gates Concerns Over Bill’s Epstein Connections Influenced Divorce

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Melinda Gates Concerns Over Bill’s Epstein Connections Influenced Divorce

Apparently, Melinda Gates has been none-to-thrilled with husband Bill’s alledged connections to embattled Jeffrey Epstein, who is not longer alive. Melinda Gates began speaking with divorce lawyers in October of 2019, where she supposedly voiced concerns over Bill’s Epstein connections in business and personal. She called her marriage to Bill “irretrievably broken,” as a result.

Her discomfort with Bill’s connections to Epstein date back to 2013, according to Bloomberg. Back in October of 2019, the same timeframe when Melinda met with divorce lawyers, The New York Times reported Bill Gates connection to Epstein. The piece sent shockwaves throughout the world as more and more intensity into Epstein’s sexual criminality evolved.

According to sources, the divorce has already been negotiated at a financial level. The Gates’ worth is estimated at $145 billion. Both parties have stated they will remain co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. So yeah, no name changes needed, in case you were concerned.

Epstein’s connections to Bill run deep. He worked as a science advisor to a number of Bill’s projects. He also funded a number of gene editing firms. Additionally, Bill was spotted at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, including into the late night hour.

Author: Jim Satney

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