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Meteorite Crashes Into Sleeping Dog’s House in Costa Rica

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Meteorite Crashes Into Sleeping Dog’s House in Costa Rica

A meteorite crashed into a dog’s home in Costa Rica on April 23rd. The dog, named Rocky, did not sustain any injuries, which is potentially the more absurd portion of an already wacky story.

The clay-rich meteorite tumbled down into the Costa Rican town of Aguas Zarcas, where it broke up, leaving a single piece to disturb the dog at rest. Now Rocky is one of the more infamous dogs in the world, albeit in a sort of geeky circle of scientists. Scientists love clay-rich meteorites because they preserve fluids from well beyond the scope of earth.

The meteorite that woke up Rocky is about the size of a typical work desk prior to crumbling apart.

meteorite dog costa rica

image credit: shutterstock

“It formed in an environment free of life, then was preserved in the cold and vacuum of space for 4.56 billion years, and then dropped in Costa Rica last week,” Laurence Garvie, a curator at Arizona State University’s Center for Meteorite Studies, said in a statement. “Nature has said ‘here you are,’ and now we have to be smart enough to tease apart the individual components and understand what they are telling us.”

Garvie and a team of scientists are now hard at work studying the fragments. The meteorite fragments are being preserved by way of nitrogen cabinets. The scientists determined this meteorite to be a clay carbonaceous chondrite.

“If you left this carbonaceous chondrite in the air, it would lose some of its extraterrestrial affinities,” Garvie said, according to Space.com. “These meteorites have to be curated in a way that they can be used for current and future research.”

The finding could reveal new information about the deepest, darkest, and earliest secrets of the universe.

“Carbonaceous chondrites are relatively rare among meteorites but are some of the most sought-after by researchers because they contain the best-preserved clues to the origin of the solar system,” Meenakshi Wadhwa, who leads the meteorite center, said in the same statement.

Of course, we Preppers are also fascinated with meteorite survival. Maybe some of man’s best friends should consider giving our meteorite survival guide a read. Because let’s be honest, much larger, more intimidating life has been wiped out by meteorites in history.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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