Mexican Scientists Claim They’ve Cured HPV

hpv cure mexico

Mexican scientists are claiming a breakthrough in the fight to cure Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). A team of scientists from the Mexico Polytechnic Institute says that it completely cured 29 subjects of HPV.

The groundbreaking announcement, made on February 3, marks a new era for a virus that’s often transmitted through sexual contact. Dr. Eva Ramon Gallegos says that researchers made use of what’s called photodynamic therapy, a treatment that medical professionals classify as non-invasive.

“During the first stage of the investigation, when it was used to treat women in Oaxaca and Veracruz, the results were encouraging. The treatment was also very positive when applied to women in Mexico City, which opens the possibility of making the treatment more efficient,” Gallegos stated in the announcement.

Gallegos also says that photodynamic therapy can help eradicate premalignant lesions of cervical cancer, at least in the early stage. Overall, Gallegos eliminated 100% of HPV but had no premalignant lesions. Her testing eliminated 64% of HPV in cases whereas premalignant lesions were involved.

HPV Cure Could Sooth Vaccine Debates

hpv cure mexican scientists
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HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that spreads via mucous membranes and genitalia contact. The virus spreads when the epithelial cells in the genital region die off. It can also be contracted by way of walking barefoot. The warts are able to survive at extremely low temperatures.

HPV is a controversial virus due to being a sexually transmitted virus. Parents remain divided over the HPV vaccine. If an HPV cure is to be fully instituted, it is expected that the controversy might go with it.

While many on Twitter were excited by the news, others pointed out that the HPV has numerous strains. Some believe that the mainstream media isn’t likely to publicize the accomplishment.

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