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Miami Officials Warn Residents Of Potential Collapsing Cranes

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Miami Officials Warn Residents Of Potential Collapsing Cranes

When it comes to how to survive a hurricane, add “evacuate if you live near a crane” to that list. As if Miami residents don’t have enough to worry about, they are now being warned that downtown cranes are at risk of collapsing. City of Miami officials has sent out warnings to residents living near any construction cranes in the area to evacuate, according to Miami’s Local 10.

There are up to 25 cranes posing a potential danger to residents in the area. Cranes are officially labeled as being able to handle category 4 storm force winds. Beyond 145 MPH winds, there are no guarantees that the cranes can remain standing. Currently, Hurricane Irma is holding a steady 185 MPH wind force at the eye wall. Even if Hurricane Irma downgrades significantly, she still could pose a major threat to any of the cranes postured up around the city. Many of the cranes are located throughout the downtown area of Miami, as well as Brickell and Edgewater.

In case you are wondering (because I am confident that you are), the cranes are not tied down because they must remain free. Why they must remain free is a mystery to me, hopefully, one of our readers with experience in construction can clarify. The weight of the arms combined with Irma’s devastating winds could off set one another and cause the cranes to topple over.

Hurricane Irma remains a serious threat to the United States mainland, with specific emphasis on the state of Florida where thousands of residents are now evacuating. Rumors of fuel shortages and jammed freeways are causing a major concern for the safety of evacuees. Hurricane Irma is a shining example of why we become preppers. Needing to bug out is not just the outlandish fantasy of fear mongers and conspiracy theorist. Weather events pose severe threats to man. Survival often depends on your prior prepping. Shortages on fuel and water should never pose a risk to a qualified prepper who already possesses the basic needs to survive.

We hope and pray that residents throughout the Carribean and Southeast make it through the storm without incident. And we praise all first responders for putting their own lives on the line in order to help those in need.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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