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Miami To Begin Naled Mosquito Spraying, Prompting Warnings To Pregnant Residents

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Miami To Begin Naled Mosquito Spraying, Prompting Warnings To Pregnant Residents

If you are a resident of Miami, Florida, or traveling as part of business or pleasure, you might be cautious of the air you breath starting on Monday morning. Two large swaths Miami-Dade County in South Florida, home to millions of residents, will be coated with a thick layer of the pesticide, Naled.

The spraying will begin just after midnight and continue until nearly sunrise. Locations east of what’s known as U.S. 1 from Florida City to Rickenbacker Causeway should be especially concerned as this will be the focal point of the initial dousing. Another area, from Southwest 160th Street to Tamiami Trail will also be subject to the spraying.

Here’s a list of the cities in direct concern: Miami, Homestead, Redland, Florida City, West Kendall, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, South Miami, Pinecrest, and Coral Gables.

The Department of Solid Waste Management claims the spraying is a response to more mosquitoes being found in traps and people calling in to complain. In fact, the department is claiming it received over 1,000 calls just last week complaining about mosquitoes.

While county officials seem to ride a wave of Zika fears, the actual targetted mosquito has nothing to do with Zika. The target of the Naled spraying will be the black salt marsh mosquito which isn’t linked to the spread of any diseases, only an annoying bite.

The naled will, however, do a solid job killing other species such as bats, bees, and butterflies. We all know how pesky butterflies can be, don’t we? Oh, wait….

Worse more, South Miami Mayor, Phil Stoddard, is warning any and all pregnant residents in the affected areas to attempt to leave before the spraying commences.

A study showing that naled is harmful to Chinese babies is being touted as a defense against the move to launch the spraying campaign.

The study provides solid information showing that pregnant women who are exposed to naled are at higher risk of having a child with motor skill impairment issues.

  Chinese infants prenatally exposed to organophosphate insecticides were tested for motor function at 6-weeks and 9-months.

    Prenatal naled and chlorpyrifos exposure was associated with statistically significant deficits in 9-month motor outcomes.

    Prenatal organophosphate exposure may affect infant motor skill development.

Miami-Dade County says all is well, however, and to fear not because the Environmental Protection Agency says that naled, in the dosage they plan to dump on the citizen’s homes and playgrounds, is completely safe. The county plans to warn beekeepers as well, for good measure. You can sign up for warning calls by calling 311. They also want residents to know that if bad weather prevents spraying on Monday, to expect it Tuesday.

While many residents are opposed to the spraying, reading the comments on Facebook articles shows a groundswell of support for “eradicating pesky mosquitoes.” The fact is, complaints about mosquitoes are at an all-time high due to the recent rash of zika propaganda. The targeted mosquitoes have nothing to do with the spread of zika, but that isn’t stopping people from fearing the worst. While zika hasn’t led to a vaccine as of yet, it has led to this increased spraying which is a highly profitable business for the manufacturer of the toxin.

Also, check out the below article regarding the matter of natural alternatives to fighting mosquitoes.

Lemon eucalyptus oil better mosquito protection than DEET.

Protests are expected in the area regarding the naled spraying over Miami. Citizens are beginning to realize the dire health consequences to spraying pesticides over their homes and schools and playgrounds. The government is overstepping it’s place, once again, by choosing to intervene over a matter that humans have handled on individual levels for centuries. And they are able to achieve these types of actionable policies by fear mongering zika.

A petition to stop the spraying is located here.



Author: Jim Satney

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