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NFL Player’s Quickly Deleted Pharma Post Sends Shockwaves

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NFL Player’s Quickly Deleted Pharma Post Sends Shockwaves

You might recognize 31-year old Michael Oher’s name. He’s an NFL linemen for the Carolina Panthers and although he’s a great player, his name is probably more familiar due to him being the subject of the Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Blindside, which starred Sandra Bullock. The movie was an enormous hit, narrating Oher’s life of being uprooted as a kid and essentially taken in by a family in the south. It gave him the opportunity to go on to college and eventually get drafted by the NFL.

But since then, Oher hasn’t exactly been the persona of happiness. Last year, Oher claimed the movie had “ruined” him. And yesterday, Oher Instagram’d a brutal photo showing more than a handful of pharmaceutical medication containers.

“All for the brain smh,” Oher added to the image.

If you’ve followed the NFL’s concussion narrative, then you are likely more than aware of the scrutiny the league is under currently. Will Smith sent shockwaves into one of the world’s most popular sports when he starred in the movie, Concussion, which told the story of the NFL knowingly covering up the concussion issue. It also documented several players who committed suicide due to concussion side-effects.

Oher quickly removed his Instagram. Was it at the NFL’s directive? We may never know. But one thing is for sure, this image is the new picture of the NFL, at least for the time being.

And things got worse for the NFL following Oher’s post. A former NFL player tweeted to Oher that he’s “been there.” Meaning, he’s suffered the consequences of head injuries in the NFL.

One thing is for sure, the NFL’s “problem” isn’t dying out anytime soon. With loses in fan viewership, children playing and soccer on the rise, the sport is in serious jeopardy.

Author: Jim Satney

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