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MI Woman Says Pressure Cooker ‘Melted Her Skin Off’ While Cooking Soup


MI Woman Says Pressure Cooker ‘Melted Her Skin Off’ While Cooking Soup

A Michigan woman is warning people to exercise caution when using a pressure cooker device. Amanda Cryderman posted graphic pictures of what she says is a pressure cooker injury on Facebook. Her post has now been shared over 300,000 times since she made the post on October 30th.

Cryderman says this is “not a poor me post,” rather, a “warning” that shows extremely graphic images of the injuries she sustained. She’s blaming her injuries on the “electric pressure cooker band wagon!” she says she “jumped on.”

Cryderman includes a picture of the pressure cooker, which is manufactured by Presto, not the more popular name brand Instant Pot.

Regarding the injury, Cryderman says that 250-degree soup “shot out like a rocket” all over her face.

My face was blistered up with the skin pretty much melted off. I couldn’t t see what was going on under the massive dressing that was applied to me the night before. I called the number the hospital gave me for a burn clinic.

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The full post is below, however, be warned, it’s as graphic as it sounds.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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