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Microwave Transmissions Found Manipulating California’s Weather


Microwave Transmissions Found Manipulating California’s Weather

Dane Wigington

The ongoing global climate engineering operations are constantly being ramped up to ever higher levels, the all out assault against Earth’s natural systems is relentless and growing. The geoengineers have for decades manipulated the flow of precipitation on our planet. The weather makers decide where it will rain, and where not. They decide how toxic the rain will be, or not. Who gave them this right? Though California has received significant precipitation this year in many locations, a great deal of additional rain is still being migrated over the state in order to be utilized by the climate engineers for their toxic operations further inland. The precipitation radar animation loop below is a glaring case in point. A very powerful radio frequency/microwave transmitter is located near the California coast just south of Eureka. This transmitter is constantly used to disperse the moisture from incoming storm systems.

The inability of precipitation to fully form in the radio frequency/microwave transmission zone is very evident in the above animation.

An actual transmission animation from the California transmitter in question is shown below (which was recorded a few days before).

These extremely powerful radio frequency/microwave transmissions (from transmitters all over the world) are not only completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, they are devastating to the entire web of life.

Earth’s once deep blue skies are being completely decimated by the illegal and highly destructive climate intervention/solar radiation management programs. The shocking time-lapse video below taken over the iconic Yosemite valley is a case in point.

How much longer can the web of life sustain the constant bombardment of toxic climate engineering aerosols and highly damaging microwave transmissions?

It is imperative to awaken global populations to the climate engineering atrocities. Constant bombardments of toxic atmospheric aerosol dispersions and relentless RF transmissions are truly taking their toll on what is yet left of the planet’s natural processes. Exposing and halting these programs will take the combined effort of awakened populations, we must each do our part in the essential battle to sound the alarm.

Photo by davidcstone


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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