Minnesota Now Using Contact Tracing To Track Protesters

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As protests continue to mount and criminals continue to take advantage of peaceful minded protesters and destroy our nation’s infrastructure, government officials are using technological advances straight from the coronavirus playbook to help “track” protesters.

Who would have thought coronavirus tracking technology would be used beyond emergency health needs? Actually, everyone.

Minnesota officials now say they are leveraging controversial contact tracing to track protesters, according to BGR.

Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harringon are using contact tracing as a way to create protester profiles, for example, what their political affiliations may be.

Minnesota’s Gov. Tim Walz told reporters that 80% of the protesters were not native to Minnesota, sparking conspiracy claims on all sides of the political spectrum.

Of course, the deployment of contact tracing for use to track protesters offers up all kinds of privacy concerns and solidifies that the concerning slippery slope prospect was hardly a conspiracy.

A contact tracer would have privileged information about where you’ve been and who you’ve interacted with.

What’s further odd is, according to CNN, “More than 80% of people booked into jail in Minneapolis on riot and other potentially riot-related charges over the past two days are from Minnesota, according to a CNN analysis of data from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office. Officials had earlier claimed that most protesters came from out of state.”

This has led many to contemplate a nefarious agenda, starting with Minnesota officials making claims of exactly the opposite protester profile. Is it all an excuse to surveil the people?

It’s important to remember that as the news of criminal activity continues to unfold, there are legitimate, peaceful protesters seeking change. They don’t deserve to be tracked by their government.

Protests are expected to continue today with President Trump reportedly growing more furious with governors.

According to ABC News, in a call with governors, an angry Pres. Donald J. Trump told state leaders they must “dominate” protests, calling on law enforcement to get “much tougher.”

“They’re gonna run over you,” the president said. “You’re gonna look like a bunch of jerks.”

But Trump has remained “officially quiet,” relying much on Twitter to convey thoughts and messages. Some are looking to the President to make some tough decisions on how to thwart rioters efforts. Its now clear that there is no clean way out of this new disaster, that once again, is happening just ahead of a major Presidential election.

Author: Jim Satney

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