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Missing CDC Employee Asked Neighbor To Remove His Phone Number

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Missing CDC Employee Asked Neighbor To Remove His Phone Number

An epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control remains missing and new clues have only served to add more mystery to the case rather than further the investigation in a positive direction.

Dr. Timothy Cunningham has now been missing for close to six weeks. After leaving work at the CDC’s Atlanta office and telling his coworkers that he didn’t feel well, he seemingly vanished into the thin air. Following several days of unresponsiveness, his family drove down from Maryland and accessed his apartment, only to find that his keys, car, walled, and even dog, remained. There were two windows that had been left open, but no one seems to understand why.

Further creating an atmosphere of confusion is the recent negative exchange between the CDC and the Atlanta police. Atlanta police claim that Cunningham was denied a promotion from the CDC which may have prompted his disappearance. However, the CDC countered the claim noting that Cunningham had instead, been rewarded with a promotion. The crossed wires have led many to believe that either a cover-up exists, or, the investigation is being run on a foundation of incompetence.

Now a new clue has added a new layer of confusion into the mix. A neighbor claims that Cunningham, only days before his disappearance, requested that he remove his phone number from his wife’s phone.

“My wife and him and swapped phone numbers. Saturday, Tim called over to me from across the way and told me to take his number out of her phone,” Chris Torry, Cunningham’s neighbor, told WAGA.

“It seemed a bit strange,” Torry said.

Why would Cunningham suddenly feel compelled to ask a neighbor to remove his number from his cell phone? Who might he fear would be looking into his contacts and what concerns would he have with those they found? I’m reaching beyond the scope of what the evidence offers us, clearly, but it is difficult to not consider narratives along these lines.

Cunningham had worked closely on CDC projects involved with Zika and Ebola. The investigation into his disappearance remains open and ongoing.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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