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‘Missing’ Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Video Found

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‘Missing’ Jeffrey Epstein Suicide Video Found

Federal prosecutors claim they’ve retrieved the mysterious missing suicide video from the surrounding areas of Jeffrey Epstein cell. The missing video of the accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide attempt has long led many to believe that his eventual death was a cover-up.

Nicholas Tartaglione, Epstein’s original former cop cellmate’s attorney, requested the video as a way to provide proof that his client attempted to save Epstein’s life following a botched suicide attempt. But oddly, there are no indications that the video shows the inside of the cell where the suicide attempt took place – only the outside areas. This video may or may not be helpful in sparing the life of the former Westchester County, New York cop who is up for sentencing. He could receive the death penalty unless Tartaglione convinces the court otherwise. Tartaglione is being held in jail without bail on charges related to the drug-connected murders of four people.

At the time of Epstein’s death, he had no cellmate and it’s reported that video surveillance shows no one entering or exiting the cell on the night of his suicide.

Can any of these videos trusted? For the most part, probably not. Weeks of conspiracy theories of Epstein’s murder have soaked popular culture like gasoline on burning ember. Even if a video were aired showing Epstein hanging himself, it would likely be called fraudulent. And it’s difficult to determine that an unfair conclusion given the chaos and seemingly intentional disorganization surrounding his death. At the very least, he was intentionally overlooked while in his cell, giving him the ability to take his own life. At worst, he was murdered at the call of hitmen on the orders of political elitists with crimes to hide.

The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme game remains strong.

Author: Jim Satney

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