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Mississippi Gov. OVERRIDES Town’s COV-19 Shutdown, Allows Businesses To Reopen

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Mississippi Gov. OVERRIDES Town’s COV-19 Shutdown, Allows Businesses To Reopen

Elitist politicians continue to shutdown towns, cities, and states around America, ravaging the economic health of millions of families. But now some areas are beginning to fight back, particularly in the face of uncertainty whereas some politicians have called for as long as two more months of disastrous draconian shutdowns.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves issued an executive order Tuesday that cancels Moss Point, Miss. Mayor Mario King’s shutdown. The order allows citizens to reopen businesses such as salons, restaurants, barbershops, and churches.

“His order completely makes our order null and void,” King, who closed businesses he deemed non-essential last week, told the Mississippi Free Press on Thursday afternoon. “So barbershops and salons are open today. People are actually at church making up Bible studies lost on Wednesday, so they’re having Thursday Bible studies. There are restaurants that re-opened their dine-in services today. … I understand they’re just trying to make a dollar, but if one person sneezes who has COVID-19 and someone else comes in, they’re possibly exposed to that. So his order puts our people at risk.”

Moss Point resides in Jackson County, which ranks #7 for most coronavirus cases in the state.

On March 19th, King ordered all businesses closed and residents to “shelter in place.” However, Reeves new executive order cancels out King’s ambition to keep business from running.

Yesterday, the new jobs report showed that over 3 million Americans lost employment. Sadly, unless things change, we are likely headed for upwards of 6 million unemployed Americans.

President Trump continues to foster hope among the masses claiming that things will be fully up and running by Easter. He’s hinted that he might allow businesses to open in non-hot-spot states as early as next week.

But that will be a contentious battle with liberals who accuse the President of caring more about the economy than a virus. Though, these same people conveniently miss the fact that a 30% unemployment rate would, in and of itself, cause disaster and death. Because, it doesn’t fit the narrative of mainstream media outlets.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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