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Missouri wants to give heroin users legal ‘safe houses’

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Missouri wants to give heroin users legal ‘safe houses’

While San Fransisco aims to become the first city in the country to open up “safe houses” for drug addicts, it appears, parts of the rest of the country aren’t far behind. And not everyone is thrilled with it.

A new bill in the state of Missouri would allow for the creation of “safe houses.” These houses would allow drug users to use drugs under medical supervision and without fear of prosecution. Missouri lawmakers are debating House Bill 2367, but it has a good chance of passing. The pitch is that safe houses combat the opioid epidemic. How it “combats” the issue remains unclear, but advocates of safe houses also cite that safe needle distribution also lowers cases of hepatitis and HIV. All safe houses, of course, would be stocked with taxpayer-funded needles.

In Missouri, safe houses would also have reproductive health education courses available. The crime rate would be tracked in the areas of safe house locations to prove that legal drug houses help lower urban crime.

The cost to taxpayers remains unknown, however, it isn’t likely to be a cheap undertaking by any means. Funding addiction by handing out more of that addictive substance seems as counterproductive and wasteful as any bill in recent memory. Addicts who don’t hit rock bottom are unlikely to quit. An air-conditioned space with comfortable couches and endless needles does not sound anything similar to “rock bottom.”

And yes, San Francisco is on board with legal drug houses. “Safe injection sites,” as they are so eloquently named in California, will add on to a state’s already bankrupt economy.

Socialized drug use, which is what this amounts to, placates those with addiction rather than helping them solve their issues. It is a burden to taxpayers. But that’s not likely to stop more and more cities from playing host to such relentless fleecing of Americans.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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