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Model Elle Macpherson And Andrew Wakefield Seen Kissing At Miami Market

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Model Elle Macpherson And Andrew Wakefield Seen Kissing At Miami Market

Model Elle Macpherson has been the subject of intrigue ever since she divorced billionaire Jeffrey Soffer in a reported $53m cash settlement (plus a $26 million dollar home, both awarded to Macpherson). Since 2017, many have speculated who Macpherson’s new mystery man is. But no one guessed it would turn out to be Andrew Wakefield, the London doctor who’s medical licesne was pulled after he asserted that autism and the MMR vaccine are linked.

Wakefield reportedly separated from his wife, Carmel, in 2017 and began dating Macpherson, now 54, shortly there after.

She’s been photographed kissing Wakefield at a farmers market in Miami this past Friday.

Back in 2010, the UK banned Wakefield from practicing medicine after they claimed to have “discredited” his claims.

Both Macpherson and Wakefield appeared happy together.

The mainstream media has been quick to condemn Macpherson for her choice in men. Additionally, classy doctors jumped right on the condemnation bandwagon along side the always furious media.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Author: Jim Satney

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