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Morakniv Eldris fixed-blade knife review

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Morakniv Eldris fixed-blade knife review

My Morakniv Eldris fixed-blade knife review is sure to change the minds of anyone who may have passed this survival knife up along the way. The Morakniv Eldris fixed blade knife is a compact experience that’s a perfect remedy for tricky carving situations. It won the 2016 Scandinavian Outdoor Award based on superior usefulness due to being built in an incredibly functional way. This blade is intelligent with its fixed-blade design and possesses super high-quality. I have this pocket-sized fixed blade added to my best fixed-blade survival knives list because I firmly believe that it offers both high-quality and a unique usefulness to any prepper’s tool arsenal.

Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade review

The total weight of the Morakniv Eldris fixed blade is a mere 0.2 pounds. It’s fairly new having just started being produced in 2016. Its available in a variety of colors. It comes with a plastic made sheath. The handle is a compact 14.2cm in length. Believe it or not, it fits snug in the hand at this length, better than many longer fixed-blades I own.

It should be noted, the Morakniv Eldris firestarter aspect is semi-misleading. This is a great knife, but it does not come with the needed firestarter. Other Morakniv Eldris reviews have been less than kind over this matter. Additionally, the “kit” it is advertised to come with confuses some people. My opinion: Just focus on whether or not you like the knife as a single experience. At under $25 (typically and depending on where you look), the value here remains rather strong even if some marketing may be a bit loose.

There are five different colors, I’m showing you the red version. Obviously, this is personal preference and not something I think is essential to go too deeply into. It comes with a polypropylene sheath which I could take or leave, in all honesty. While there is nothing great about the sheath in terms of uniqueness, it is quite useful. The knife comes right out of it rather fluidly. One interesting aspect to the Morakniv Eldris sheath is that it has two holes for a lanyard. This means you can carry it around your neck. The way the sheath holes are, this would position the blade facing up. That’s the correct way to carry a neck knife.


Morakniv Eldris Blade

The Morakniv Eldris blade is made from high-quality Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. It has a Scandi grind that allows for very exacting jobs. The top of the blade is filed down so that you can use it with a fire striker (again, the actual striker isn’t included, but the blade is capable if you have one). Expect it to come razor sharp right out of the box. It keeps a fantastic edge no matter what you put it through. It is also made to fight off corrosion due to the steel used to produce it; this type of steel is fairly resistant to oxidation, the main cause of corrosion on most knife blades. The blade’s length is 2.2 inches, its as compact as any knife you’ll find, making it a great option for EDC.

In terms of safety, you can place your thumb on the spine of the blade. This will give you leverage that allows you to really dig into materials in or outdoors.

Morakniv Eldris Handle

Upon first impression, you’d likely think this compact knife would be a risky handle. But no, quite the opposite, it sits safely and securely in the hand, lending itself to a variety of useful tasks. The handle’s material is derived from two different types of polymers or TPE Rubber. And its shape is deceivingly intelligent, which is why it secures in the hand with comfort and ease. The handle of a compact fixed-blade is extremely important because if the handle is designed incorrectly, it will limit the number of tasks a prepper can perform safely. You wouldn’t want to start spoon carving and end up slicing your palm open. The Morakniv Eldris handle is a secure feeling experience that doesn’t limit what you can do with it.

This handle performs extremely well in rain and snow conditions.

Why Do I Love The Morakniv Eldris Fixed Blade Knife?

While the confusion for add-ons takes some of the excitement away from the unsuspecting package opener, the overall knife is pretty darn useful for any survivalists and preppers. For myself, this is a unique addition to my fixed blade knife collection. I’ve found it to be really useful. I also enjoy the EDC knife aspect to it. You can fit it in your bug out bag items with absolute confidence.

I believe this is a great budget knife that rivals many of its competitors. You can’t really go wrong here considering the lower cost of the knife. Check out the reviews on Amazon or visit my best fixed-blade survival knives list.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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