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Mount Agung Eruption ‘Imminent’ As 150,000 Tourists Now Trapped


Mount Agung Eruption ‘Imminent’ As 150,000 Tourists Now Trapped

Bali’s Mount Agung volcano has now reached critical mass with a major volcano eruption imminent. Tourists and locals have been tirelessly warned to evacuate the region. One report claims that as Mount Agung is set to erupt within only a matter of hours, 150,000 tourists are now trapped in the area.

Mount Agung can now be seen thrusting ash into the air as the magma chambers are set to release. The pressure is building and it is now only a matter of time until the sediment gives way to a massive lava event. The time to bug out has likely passed for many, depending on their exact proximity to Mount Agung. To be exact, Mount Agung has already erupted, per se, but most officials feel that a much larger volcano event is on the horizon. One that is sure to be catastrophic and life-threatening. Officials are stating that Mount Agung is in its “critical phase” and this is the highest of warnings possible. The mountain’s inner-crater areas are piling up with bright orange lava that’s amounting to incredible amounts of pressure on the structure. In fact, some estimates claim that a 3rd of the mountain’s insides are magma filled.

The air in Bali has already been compromised as murky ash has already began covering abandoned villages and towns. To make matters worse, a cyclone has extended the reach of the contaminating ash. To say the least, the breathable air in the region is at a minimum. Additionally, the region is experiencing small earthquakes, a direct result of Mount Agung’s instability.

Local officials just aren’t sure of the exacts in terms of Mount Agung’s big eruption, but they feel confident it is soon, maybe within hours. The situation is worsed by a dense population of near 100,000 people who reside in or near the city of Bali. And beyond that, thousands of people are refusing to leave their homes. Bali officials are hoping to get 100,000 people out Mount Agung’s path, but this is a tall order to fulfill by any standard.

“Our members are very ready to help the refugees because we are deploying personnel with full strength and I hope there will be no casualties,” Colonel Arh Gede Widiana said today.

Mount Agung’s last eruption was in 1963. Since then, Bali’s population and tourism numbers have grown substantially, which makes the current “imminent eruption” status of the region even more perilous. If you are in the region and have any way to bug out, follow evacuation orders and find your way to a safe haven. If not, hopefully, you have the supplies needed to survive the aftermath of a major volcanic eruption. Remember, if you have loved ones in the Bali area, they might lose communication with you at any point.

Officials continue to monitor Mount Agung’s status. We will keep you updated on the matter here in our Prepper News section.

Here’s a live shot of Mount Agung erupting.

Here’s an amazing time-lapse sequence taken from Mount Agung as the volcano releases ash into the region. The optics don’t lie, Mount Agung is a major and catastrophic volcano event in the making.

Those in the region should opt to prepare, rather than panic, if they have no choice other than to ride out the volcano. Remember to avoid lava at all times as it will remain hot as it flows down the slopes of Mount Agung. Seal up your home, this includes windows and doors. Be aware that the water may become tainted. Additionally, shut off the air conditioning which may suck in contaminated air into your safe room. If you are outside, wear some kind of head protection as flying debris will occur during a Mount Agung eruption.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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