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Mount Mayon Eruptions Send 56,000 People Fleeing For Safety


Mount Mayon Eruptions Send 56,000 People Fleeing For Safety

Mount Mayon volcano is one of the Phillipines most dangerous volcano eruption threats and today, that threat is flexing its muscles. Mount Mayon is currently erupting sending gaseous ash into the air above and bright red lava down the sides of her slopes. The area has been placed on a high alert, so high that 56,000 people have been forced to evacuate the region that has become increasingly dangerous with every passing moment.

UPDATE: Live video is now monitoring Mount Mayon as it nears full eruption status.

Some lava, according to reports on NBC News, has been sent as high as over 2,000 feet into the air. The lava eruptions into the air have been nothing short of spectacular, as well as frightening. Mount Mayon has bellowed out into 3 massive explosions in total over the course of the past 24 hours. Most of the activity is being filmed and photographed in Legazpi city, Albay province.

The issue for the region now, of course, is what’s next? Officials have placed Mount Mayon’s danger level at 4 out of 5 on the warning scale. The danger zone is now spread out 5 miles away, which is what’s led to the massive scale evacuations. The army and police are helping locals move into temporary shelters for the time being. However, many locals are uncomfortable being away from their personal belongings causing a number of people to attempt to slip back into the danger zone to check on their things.

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Officials may now cut power and water to the areas as a way to discourage people from attempting to return to their homes. One of the local officials involved with the potential Mount Mayon volcano eruption disaster is Cedric Daep.

“If pyroclastic flows hit people, there is no chance for life,” Daep said during a press conference. “Let us not violate the natural law, avoid the prohibited zone, because if you violate, the punishment is the death penalty.”

While it’s reasonable to want to prevent people from being near a dangerous volcano, it also might be slightly over the line to cut their power and water. Again, it is obvious the local government is well-intentioned, however, from a prepper perspective, it is easy to see how a powerful government can so easily sway the path of the unprepared.

Planes have been rerouted so as not to encounter any of Mount Mayon’s massive plumes of smoke. Many villages have been cast into complete darkness during Mayon’s explosions.

Evacuation centers are receiving rice, water, and masks to help see the disaster relief efforts through pending Mayon fully erupts.

Mayon is a popular location for hikers and climbers of all types. Back in 2013, some climbers were killed when Mayon unexpectedly sent plumes of ash into the air around them. Mayon’s most devastating eruption dates back to 1814 when 1,200 were killed.

From a prepper’s perspective, always be prepared for a volcano if you live in the area of an active one, or plan to travel to a region with an active volcano. Having supplies such as a survival water filter, masks, and long term storage food is just wise.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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