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Mystery Killer Virus Now In Kansas


Mystery Killer Virus Now In Kansas

Back in 2014, a farmer in Kansas ended up at the University of Kansas hopsital. His organs were failing. He had a disease but what the disease was named was a mystery. No one had ever seen it. When his lungs collapsed, he died, surrounded by family.

The hospital suspected that the issue was related to ticks.

According to Dr. Dana Hawkinson, per the KC star.

“What was horrible is we couldn’t give them an answer,” Hawkinson said. “We didn’t have an answer for the longest time as to why is he not getting better? What is causing this? Nothing that we’re doing is seeming to help even though we’re going to the nth degree to try and give him supportive care and give him active care to try and get him better.”

The hospital sent his blood samples off to the CDC. They determined that the man had pathogens in his blood similar to viruses found overseas. They called it “bourbon virus.”

Another case was reported in Oklahoma shortly after.

“I can’t give you a specific number,” Hawkinson said. “But certainly cases where people were ill and we think it looks like one sort of disease, but it isn’t, and they end up recovering or they die and that’s what it truly is.”

“We’re able to see patients who come in with a constellation of symptoms like we would expect to see in certain of these bacterial or viral infections, but we never get a true diagnosis,” Hawkinson said. “So I think it’s certainly reasonable that these cases are around. Either that, or maybe the patient isn’t even that ill, so they have a very mild form of the disease and they get better on their own and go about their daily lives.”

Headache, fever, malaise, chills, nasueu, are all symptoms that people experience with bourbon virus. The main problem with diagnosing it is that mild cases seem like a common flu and people just don’t go to the doctor or doctors simply don’t test for it.
People are now being advised to avoid any woods and wear DEET, long sleeves and pants.
Watch the video below for more information.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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