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NASA Admits Global Warming Not Melting Ice Caps


NASA Admits Global Warming Not Melting Ice Caps

There are a lot of things to prep for, I mean this is a prepper website, so of course we’d feel that way, but maybe globam warming is no longer one of them. Well, at least in concern with the polar ice caps.

By now, you probably know my position on man-made global warming: I feel it is largely overblown for the sake of goverment agenda. Now NASA is saying that global warming, no matter what the cause, isn’t hurting the polar ice caps. And that’s left a lot of the Left stunned, angry, upset, etc.

NASA has updated its position on the effects of global warming on our polar ice caps after new imaging showed that the ice caps were not, in fact, retreating as previously thought. In fact, since 2012, the polar ice caps have stayed at their 1979 and beyond averages, according to a new article in Forbes Magazine.

Say it isn’t so?

Well, we have data.

That data shows that other than a few years following 2005, whereas global ice slightly retreated, the ice has remained the same. In other words, global warming alarmist have mostly touted a small blip in an otherwise consistent duration of time. That’s hardly evidence of polar ice cap demise at all. The global warming alarmist were pushing ice loss as their holy grail. But ice loss is at 10 percent and that’s just not a big deal at all.

Remember when Al Gore predicted the ice caps would be gone by 2014? We do. Now, do you think the mainstream media intends to correct itself over the matter? The answer is NO (in case you seriously weren’t sure). They’ve had the opportunity to correct themselves for the past five years, seeing the ice caps have grown since then.

Remember, the 1970’s fear mongering mantra was global cooling. I think we all understand how that panned out. Essentially, global cooling led to global warming which is now leading to a lot to do with nothing.

Global warming is an excuse for furthering tax slavery on the people. It is also a way for big geoengineering companies to justify manipulation of our planet. Do we really need millions of floating balls dumped into our oceans or big reflector sheilds everywhere? If you listen to global warming alarmist, that answer is YES.

The mainstream media has paraded a lie for over a decade now as a way to funnel tax money from our wallets to our government. And we’ve fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. Big geoengineering corporations are beginning to thrive due to this narrative. Information such as the information contained inside of this article will largely be ignored. But the data and the science do not support the mainstream mantra. And it hardly ever has. But that doesn’t stop the daily news and social shares encouraging us all to get on board with climate change. Anyone who even questions global warming is labeled a “climate change denier.” Its a label of shame we at this prepper website wear proudly. Seek the truth, don’t just fall in line with the rabble.

Check out our Bug Out Bag essentials in any case. As a prepper website, we take the strong position that you should always be prepared for anything and everything!

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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