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NASA Live Stream Abruptly Cuts As ‘Massive Object’ Approaches Space Station

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NASA Live Stream Abruptly Cuts As ‘Massive Object’ Approaches Space Station

NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station curiously went to dead air, but not before the live viewers saw what appeared to be a large object floating into view.

As you might imagine, this sent social media conspiracists into an all-out frenzy (I should note, this isn’t the first time that NASA’s delayed live stream has cut off during questionable events, but more on that below).

In the recent case, the ISS cam zooms in and makes relatively clear the massive size of the blue tinted object. What’s truly unsettling is that the live stream seems to zoom in on the massive smokey blue object, showing its undeniable existence, and then completely shuts down. A blue gaseous or steamy haze surrounds the moving object that seems to be willfully approaching the ISS.

But the odd aspect in all of this is the abrupt shutting down of the live stream. You can hear what sounds like rustling around just before the stream shuts down and puts up the message, “Please Stand By.”

The situation has the feel of a teenager accidentally hitting the Facebook live button, then realizing it 30 seconds in. Except, in this case, many feel the implications are much larger than the exposure of some teen drama.

Here’s the origin of the video, at least in terms of exposure to the masses.

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Back in 2014, a similar event occurred whereas NASA’s ISS live stream cut off upon viewing an object.

Author: Jim Satney

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