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NASA Says 2135 Doomsday Asteroid Unable To Be Stopped

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NASA Says 2135 Doomsday Asteroid Unable To Be Stopped

Asteroids are among the many potential planetary reset events that we often dispell as myth. But asteroids have a long history of ravaging our planet. According to NASA scientists, an asteroid as large as the Empire State building is set to impact earth in the year 2135. Worse more, NASA scientists are admitting they have no good way of preventing the impending calamity.

The terrifying study reveals the doomsday asteroid would be able to thwart even our most advanced available technology. The space rock, or asteroid, is simply too large and too dense to defend against using any reasonable method.

Some scientists believe that the asteroid could eliminate life on earth. That said, the stakes for stopping the massive doomsday asteroid are high.

Here’s a NASA illustration that shows you exactly what scientist, and our future world, is up against.

doomsday asteroid

Not good.

Scientists are exploring the option of utilizing a space force craft that shoots it down or diverts it, using a nuclear weapon. The nuclear explosion might re-re-route the devastating doomsday asteroid. An 8.8-ton HAMMER spacecraft would either fire off a nuke into the asteroid (or its path) or it could serve to kamikaze it. This would be part of NASA’s Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission program.

In either case, at least there remains hope for our future generations.

Maybe Trump’s space force will have a pertinent benefit to our planet after all?

The asteroid, which is named Bennu, has a 1 in 2,700 chance of hitting us within the next century.

‘The two realistic responses considered are the use of a spacecraft functioning as either a kinetic impactor or a nuclear explosive carrier to deflect the approaching NEO,’ the authors wrote in the study which is currently published in the journal Acta Astronautica.

Prediction methods must consider size and overall density of the space rock into an equation that’s certainly not perfect at this juncture in time. There are all types of diverse variables which could play a role in either diverting Bennu, or even enhancing its speed. asteroid bennu

If Bennu does impact earth, it will likely do so with a force that’s more than 80,000 times the power of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb.

‘Whenever practical, the kinetic impactor is the preferred approach, but various factors, such as large uncertainties or short available response time, reduce the kinetic impactor’s suitability and, ultimately, eliminate its sufficiency,’ the authors put in their study.

Asteroid prediction has become one of NASA’s most imperative and urgent studies. The fact is, the earth will get hit by a large scale asteroid at some point in time. History has shown us that asteroids are a part of the earth’s natural cycle of life. NASA is under extreme pressure to figure out when the next moderate to large asteroid event will take place.

Here is a video of a meteor breaking into the atmosphere above Russia back in 2013. Windows were broken out in local towns and structures were subjected to damage. Some people were temporarily blinded. This, folks, is a small-scale event.

Nothing on your preppers list is likely to help you in any way against this mammoth space rock (but it remains a good idea to always be working on stocking up on the items anyway). But having prepper supplies can help against much more likely smaller asteroid events.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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