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Reporter Accosted Live On Air Covering Nashville ‘Homeless Crisis’ Story

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Reporter Accosted Live On Air Covering Nashville ‘Homeless Crisis’ Story

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Nashville is experiencing a homelessness crisis. The opioid epidemic alongside soaring housing costs has created a homelessness disaster that’s now becoming hostile and unsettling for many residents. While technology and healthcare sectors are exploding, the amount of people who can’t afford to pay rent is rising to epic proportions. In fact, Nashville is building apartments to house the homeless.

The average Nashville rent cost was $882 in 2013. Today, the average Nashville rent is $1,148.

Local Nashville officials say that 20,000 people live in their cars, on the streets, in camps, or in shelters.

Worse more, locals, including the media, are now claiming that the homeless community is becoming distressed and hostile towards residents.

One example of this aggressive behavior played out on air during a Fox17 segment discussing the very issue. Reporter Kathleen Serie was live outside of a homeless encampment when a homeless man accosted her and the film crew, shouting profanities, which caused the network to abruptly cut the segment.

In Los Angeles, many middle-class residents are living in their cars. Both Los Angeles and San Fransisco have begun clearing the homeless out of their neighborhoods.

Nashville is clearly heading down a similar and complicated path of balancing liberal policies with a growing homeless crisis. The surge in homelessness will lead many liberal politicians to more aggressive taxing policies. In Seattle, the city attempted to tax large corporations on a per-employee scale as a way to fund living quarters for the homeless. The bill was lambasted by Amazon and eventually deserted.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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