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Nashville To Give Homeless Apartment Units

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Nashville To Give Homeless Apartment Units

Liberal cities continue their descent into socialism at an astounding rate. This time, it’s Nashville, Tennessee.

The city of Nashville is creating a plan that would result in providing apartments for the homeless. The plan is to allow the area of Robertson Parkway to become a destination whereas the homeless can get an apartment and “turn their lives around.”

The plan would likely effect 1,200 homeless people in the city. Something tells me this isn’t a move aimed at helping our veterans, either.

“This wouldn’t be a place where you come and just hang out, it would be where you fill out forms and figure out where your next step needs to be to ultimately get to a house situation,” Erik Cole, Chief Resilience Officer for Metro, said on Fox 17.

Up to 150 apartments would be created at a cost to taxpayers of $24 million dollars.

Recently, San Fransisco, Philadelphia, and Missouri have all indicated that they will build “safe injection sites” for drug addicts throughout their regions.

The problem here is that while it all sounds well and good in terms of philanthropy, the burden on taxpayers and the deepening of incentives to remain without work is crippling and counterproductive. There simply isn’t enough money in these states to support such high expenditures.

However, socialism, as a concept, is becoming more and more acceptable by residents indoctrinated into the system. It is also a clear way that liberals garner votes. But socialism in any form will ultimately crash and burn, leaving the common folks like us to deal with the fallout.

We need to incentivize working and eradicated entitlement. I know that some of our veterans are homeless, believe me, we need to help them. Anyone who fought for our country needs our help. But that’s unlikely the greater demographic here. With liberals wanting to import more and more people into our country, the need for more and more socialized living and stipend situations will increase.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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