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National Guard Now Preparing For Civil War Beginning Nov. 3rd

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National Guard Now Preparing For Civil War Beginning Nov. 3rd

I’ve told you before, civil unrest following the election is a near guarantee at this juncture. If you don’t have your civil unrest prepping done yet, you’re running out of time.

Several states have now placed the National Guard on standby for election riots, unrest, and potentially all-out war. This includes having National Guard align with police forces to help quell rioters. As riots have spawned all over the nation for months, it’s no surprise that an election with delayed mail-in voting results will spark unrest. Additionally, if Trump wins the election, we might experience months of bloodshed.

While the National Guard is preparing, it must be directed by state officials. And that could be an issue seeing that many states allowed rioters to burn down businesses unabated which have translated into a large Trump campaign talking point.

“There’s no problem with coming out to express yourself. But what we do ask is that people follow the law. First Amendment rights stop at when you start violating the criminal law,” said Sheriff Mike Reese, a police leader in northern Virginia.

Would critical swing states such as Pennsylvania, now run by liberals, give resistance to rioters or allow them to carry out damage on businesses and residential homes? It’s a question many residents are now asking themselves and a big reason ammo sales are surging at record highs. citizens are prepping to defend life and property in massive numbers. Constant news coverage of rioters has many people around the country on edge.

It’s important to understand, draconian shutdown restrictions by authoritarian political figures have created a tinderbox ripe with desperate people. Many people can’t provide for their families anymore.  It’s a scary formula.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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