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NBC Reporter Ali Vitali Awkwardly Brings Up Gun Control To Trump

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NBC Reporter Ali Vitali Awkwardly Brings Up Gun Control To Trump

The media’s indoctrinating of the herd isn’t limited to the herd, it is also, very clearly, infecting the very ones who do the indoctrinating: the media. In an odd exchange during President Trump’s visit to South Korea to visit South Korean President Moon Jae-in, an NBC reporter decided it would be appropriate to serve Trump some gun control inquisitions.

Ali Vitali’s question seemed about as appropriate as wearing beach attire to a funeral would be, and somehow, more awkward than such.

“You’ve talked about wanting to put extreme vetting on people trying to come into the United States,” Vitali says, seemingly in robotic, coordinated, pre-programmed fashion. “But I wonder if you would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun.”

Trump composed himself and called her out using facts. But that wasn’t the entire story.

“Well you’re bringing up a situation that probably shouldn’t be discussed too much right now,” Trump said. “We could probably let a little time go by, but it’s okay if you feel that’s an appropriate question even though we are in the heart of South Korea.”

Vitali then fires back at Trump and you can almost see the indoctrination in her glassed over eyes. She heard nothing of his response and programmatically continued on her with her agenda.

Vitali’s later Tweets seem to showcase her need to garner up attention for herself by making the scene.

ali vitali trump

At some point, the anti-Trump “resistance” gang is going to have to realize that these extremist positions are harming the greater process, both for Americans and Democrats in general. Democrats need to focus on finding an electable candidate and cut the chords attached to the extremists’ puppets. They are more a hindrance to the party’s aspirations than help. The Democrats are unfunded and unelectable, that’s not a good combination for a political party hoping to defeat a President that’s riding a rising stock market and lower unemployment numbers.

NBC should look at cleaning its own house, these days.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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