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N.J. Gov. Deploys Swat Team To Defiant Gym

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N.J. Gov. Deploys Swat Team To Defiant Gym

UPDATE: According to reports, the cops walked to the front door of Atilis Gym and informed the owners that they are out of compliance. And then told them to “have a good day” and walked away.

According to Steve Milloy, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has dispatched the swat team to combat a local gym that defied state shutdown orders this morning by opening. The gym is taking major precautions, including masks and temperature checks, as well as social distancing and extra cleaning of machines. A discussion on ReOpen America began this morning as soon as the gym opened it’s doors.

The police are on the scene, but as of writing this post, no confrontations have occurred.

Fox and Friends are live on the scene awaiting what may turn out to be a confrontation between law enforcement and a gym. I never thought in a million years I’d be reporting on a war between gyms and hairstylists and swat teams. But here we are.

Ian Smith, one of Atilis Gym’s owners, discussed his mission in defying New Jersey’s shutdown order. As of the time of this video, his gym remained open and fitness buffs were entering the establishment.

Protesters are also gathering in the same Bellmar Camden county strip mall where the gym is located.

Are we about to see a major conflict? Small business owners are getting more and more desperate with each passing day. If one conflict escalates, it could become a national crisis in short order. We’re currently a tinderbox on the brink eruption.

Author: Jim Satney

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