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New Jersey Media Bullies Man Shaving On Train

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New Jersey Media Bullies Man Shaving On Train

A video of a man shaving on a New Jersey public transit is going viral after NJ.com, one of the largest mainstream news sources in New Jersey, posted the video with the caption “OMG a guy was shaving on a train.”

The video shows the man shaving his face during a train ride, but few details are given over the man’s situation. Was he a homeless man on his way to a job interview, only to have his situation exploited by elitist media types who don’t play by their own social justice rules?

Additionally, it is unclear who is brazenly filming the man.

In the NJ.com Facebook description, it reads, “A guy was caught on video shaving on an NJTransit train and we can’t look away …

The bullying over the man’s situation was fast and furious. One commenter portrayed the man as being of a lower class.

“The Eagle’s shirt shows all you need to know about his class” one commenter wrote.

His weight became a focal point of some commenters.

“Maybe if he’d spend a little less time preoccupied with breakfast he’d have more time to groom himself like a human being… time management, son!”

NJ.com calls themselves the “#1 provider of local news in New Jersey” and typically post liberal-leaning content. However, it seems this morning’s news was more about bullying a man regarding an unknown situation.

Was the man homeless and trying to get to a job interview, only to be sabotaged by NJ.com reporters who took the time to film him and exploit his bad situation?

(I have more questions below, but first, here’s NJ.com’s big news of the day)

This is another situation of the rules not applying to the elitist media types. If this video had been posted on Fox News, would the sentiment to lambaste and laugh at the man have been acceptable?

This man, whoever he is, whatever his situation may be, got up in the morning to go about his business. Now his situation is up for public scrutiny because a prominent mainstream media source decided to use him for their own social media exploits and gains.

Make no mistake about it, viral videos on social media garner new Facebook page likes and brand exposure. This man will be paid for none of that. Additionally, he will now be scrutinized and laughed at and humiliated.

But as long as NJ.com is profitable and popular, who cares? Right?

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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