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New Ontario Premiere Halts Vaccine Reporting

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New Ontario Premiere Halts Vaccine Reporting

Change is in the air when it comes to mandatory vaccines and vaccine privacy. This time, its in Ontario, Canada where new and controversial Premier, Doug Ford, halted a law requiring doctors and nurses to report on every child they vaccinate. The original law was passed by the former Premier, Kathleen Wynne, who was ousted in dramatic fashion last month. Doug Ford, the brother of infamous former mayor, Rob Ford, was voted in as Premier.

Premier Doug Ford, as circumstances would have it, has been compared to President Donald Trump. He won on populist campaign and now he is showing signs of potential loosening of vaccine laws, something evidenced by his scrapping of the reporting law. Trump has yet to take any actions against mandatory vaccinations or vaccine safety, however, his past rhetoric has often indicated that vaccines won’t have easy street under the Trump administration.

In Ford’s case, there has been no indication that he’s for or against vaccines or that parental rights are of concern. Instead, much of the justification for doing away with the law comes down to the trouble with reporting.

“The Ontario Medical Association raised concerns with the current schedule for integrating immunization records with other health care partners,” said Ford spokesperson Simon Jefferies in a statement reported by CBC News.

“We took the OMA’s feedback into careful consideration, and took the necessary steps to pause the implementation of reporting changes for immunization. We look forward to consulting with health care experts and front-line staff further on this issue.”

OMA president Dr. Nadia Alam was supportive of Ford’s move to cease the program.

“It was unfeasible, just practically speaking,” Alam said, “We couldn’t do what the law intended,”

For parents in Ontario, the news was mostly welcomed. Many parents have felt “threatened” by government letters indicating potential suspensions for children not having current vaccination records. In many cases, the kids were vaccinated.

Recently in Italy, the newly annointed Deputy Prime Minister and his Five Star cabinet, said that “10 mandatory vaccines are useless.”

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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