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Jacksonville News Anchor Post Flu Shot Side Effects

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Jacksonville News Anchor Post Flu Shot Side Effects

Jacksonville news anchor Nikki Kimbleton had a bad reaction to a flu shot. The images of the anchor’s swollen lips are now going viral and stirring controversy.

Kimbleton, who anchors WJXT’s morning show, says that the images she posted of her puffy lips are a direct reaction of a flu shot.

Be careful folks and make sure to ask questions before you get the shot!!!!!!!

Kimbleton has a set of three images ranging from incredibly swollen to much tamer. She claims that her reaction was worse than pictured because she was not comfortable posting the original reaction.

She says that “after a ton of meds,” she’s now doing better.

She says the condition was “scary and painful.”

In the comments, Kimbleton says doctors gave her a regimen of steroids.

Additionally, in the comments, Kimbleton says the swollen lips weren’t the only part of her reaction. ” also felt pretty awful head to toe” she writes.

Worse more, she makes a startling revelation, saying that because the flu shot remains in her, she could be subject to the reaction all over again.

With flu season underway, the CDC and media are pushing flu shots intensely. But growing distrust over flu shot efficacy stemming from consistently failed results has hampered the national and global efforts.

Media personalities expose themselves to potential scrutiny whenever they cast doubt over the flu shot’s effectiveness, or report on potential side effects. Kimbleton’s post is a public post on her personal Facebook page, rather than her professional WJXT page. While the station is certain to see the post, it could offer insight into Kimbleton’s attempt to separate herself professionally from the content.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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