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Canadian Town’s Mayor Says NO To Fluoride


Canadian Town’s Mayor Says NO To Fluoride

Nipawin, a town located in the north-east region of Saskatchewan, Canada, has opted out of fluoride treatment in its town water supply, saying, “its not our job to supply medication.”

The town voted down all fluoridation mandates in the drinking water supply, citing that drinking water is also water used to shower in and for watering grass. Nipawin councillors and Mayor Rennie Harper officially voted it down on July 10.

Councillor Joyce Watt had this to say, according to NipawinJournal.

“It’s not our job to supply medication,” she told Council.

“And if it’s used to water the grass, we don’t know the effect it might have on the environment. There is also the cost, I know it’s one dollar per person, but does that include watering the grass?,” she said.

Councillor Ismael Aliguyon who also voted against fluoridation said we already put too many chemicals into our bodies.

“There are lots of chemicals that already go into our bodies”, he said.

Fluoridation was voted down 4-1.

Back in June, mayor Harper made waves in the community when she hinted at her aversion to the fluoridation process in the community.

“The reason I’m in favour of the referendum is because fluoride issues have been notoriously controversial. People want to talk about them and make up their mind about them and I think having a referendum gives the public a chance to actually think about whether or not they want fluoride and [that way] it’s not a decision that’s made by me, or Council,” she said.

However, it wasn’t until this week that Mayor Harper confirmed her position by voting down the fluoride treatments in her community.

The issue comes down to a new water treatment center being built, which has raised the issue of instilling fluoridation.

“Early in the year we received a letter from the medical health officers in the province and of course it’s probably on their mind because we are building a water treatment facility and other communities have agreed to Fluoridation, Tisdale and Melfort for example. It came to a public works standing committee meeting, and the conversation was, that we need to do some investigation, so we invited the public health officer to attend and all the councillors were in the meeting, except one. We had a presentation and from there we considered it,” explained the Mayor.

Many in the community avoid the town’s drinking water by way of bottled waters and Brita filters, which raises the question as to whether fluoride treated water even matters. And moreso, does the idea of fluoride being present in the water system cause people to opt for bottled water, which has horrible effects on the enviroment.

In the end, people deserve a choice. Forcing fluoride, a chemical, in the peoples natural water supply is unjust. It seems that at least one Canadian town has come to this realization and have made crucial and vital changes to their community. I’ve seen no instances of protests over the matter.

Fluoride has been linked to a vareity of health issues, including neurological matters. Watch this Fluoride video now.

Author: Jim Satney

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