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North Korea Has Biological Weaponry, New Report Claims

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North Korea Has Biological Weaponry, New Report Claims

A new report is citing that North Korea’s authoritarian dictator, Kim Jong-un, has been secretly creating a stash of deadly biological weapons. The claim is that Jong-un has a disguised lab where North Korean chemists are producing portable smallpox, cholera, Black Death, all of which could spark a massive worldwide pandemic. Anthrax and viral haemorrhagic fevers have also been assumed to be in the works, or already created for use. We’ve always known about North Korea’s EMP attack potential, however, this new layer adds an additional viable military threat to a nation that has largely been laughed off in terms of threat level. Many believe the biological warfare program actually began in the 1960’s, per information received via defectors.

The source of the news, Harvard Kennedy School, also claims that it is possible that mass production facilities exist which would allow for stockpiles of these biological weapons to already be in place. The name of the main facility is Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute.

North Korea could choose to spread the infectious chaos via missiles, or drones, or use planes with attached spraying devices on them. They also have a ground force of 200k which could serve to release the agents to the world.

“While nuclear programs can be monitored by the number of nuclear tests and the success of missile tests, weaponise and cultivating pathogens can stay invisible behind closed doors,” the report further stated.

Worse more, the monitoring the situation might be ultimately futile.

“Moreover, equipment used for BW production are often dual-use for agriculture, making external monitoring and verification virtually impossible.”

And then there is this dire warning to the world.

“Preparation against BW [biological weapons] is urgent and necessary, which will also serve as defence against naturally occurring epidemics that increasingly threaten the 21st century. Military and public health sectors should cooperate to urgently prepare for ‘dual-response’ mechanisms.”

North Korea is no stranger to the use of biological weapons. Earlier this year, security footage showed VX nerve agent being used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam’s death at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2. The weapon in the video reportedly was created at Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute.

According to the report, North Korea is potentially capable of producing any number of usable biological weapons in as little as 10 days.

North Korea already has what many claim to be a thriving nuclear program. The addition of biological weaponry creates a potentially catastrophic situation under the events of a war scenario. North Korea, of course, would almost need to implode and self-destruct as a way to cause massive casualties to the world, however, there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t go in such an apocalyptic direction, particularly if they feel their backs are against the wall.

One of the major issues at play is that the international community, with particular emphasis on the United States and the Trump Administration, has been honed in on North Korea’s nuclear facilities and capabilities. This may well have been to our detriment if over the years, North Korea has been creating the potential for devastation through use of biological weaponry.

The United States and Russia have long been rumored to have live smallpox samples in secretly guarded locations. Smallpox hasn’t been overly relevant since the early 1980’s. Smallpox spreads quickly via airborne saliva. Its most catastrophic and deadly potential is revealed in urban areas, particularly ones that use public transportation as their artery of travel. Body aches and high fever are typical first symptoms of the disease. A rash and skin swellings are typical to follow. Many infected people lose their sight, if they survive, that is.

Another report claims that North Korea may be capable of hacking our NAVY’s ships, causing them to take on devastating crash courses. As the rhetoric between the United States and North Korea intensifies so does, it seems, their potential to offer up destructive initiatives and responses to any attacks. These capabilities, as much as people might enjoy laying blame to President Trump, certainly didn’t appear overnight. These are capabilities which were fueled by previously passive administrations (Obama, Bush) and administrations which in some ways, boosted the small terrorist nation (Clinton). Here’s a good explanation on all of that.

One thing is for sure, you can never be too prepped. Make sure you have all your bug out bag essentials in place. You absolutely never know when SHTF may go down.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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