North Korea Poised To Lead New World Order With EMP Attack

an emp attack on us

The United States and North Korea are seemingly growing further and further from one another in terms of mitigating any possible resolution. The heightened tensions have many military experts fearing the worst. Many Americans likely feel a false sense of comfort in this idea that North Korea could never breach our borders with any sort of legitimate attack. But they’d be wrong.

North Korea just wrapped up yet another missile launch test. The United States, as a show of symbolic retaliation, dropped practice bombs on the Korean peninsula, an act the North Korean government declared a dangerous move that pushes the two countries closer to a nuclear encounter. “Reckless military provocations,” it was called by Korean government officials.

Otto Warmbier’s recent passing is another provocation looming large in the minds of many experts. Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency claims they did nothing to cause Warmbier’s death.

EMP Attack By North Korea – Could It Happen?

emp attack power gridThe monstrous fear when it comes to any encounter with North Korea is a nuclear strike of any sort. A nuclear missile could be misfired by the provoked nation. A U.S. strike could encounter nuclear missiles or production sites. Anything nuclear, when released, is a big global disaster. But the fact is, North Korea most likely can’t reach the United States’ mainland with a nuclear weapon; they simply don’t have that striking competency as things stand. And due to this, many Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security. I suggest everyone read my how to survive an EMP attack guide.

There is another very real threat: EMP attacks. ElectroMagnetic Pulse is the full terminology. And it would be devastating. With North Korea’s last missile launch, government officials claimed to have a “bigger gift” in store for the U.S. Could that “bigger gift” be the surprise of an EMP attack?

The possibility is more reasonable than that of a nuclear strike hitting our mainland directly. In the case of an EMP attack, North Korea could launch a nuclear missile from a submarine, or even by balloon, and ignite it at super high altitude (think above atmospheric levels). If carried out correctly, the entire East coast could lose power.

How bad would or could an EMP attack be? It could be extraordinarily awful which is why it is so unsettling the complete lack of preparedness when it comes to an EMP attack. Seeing we are a prepper website, we are in considerable rare air when it comes to negotiating such thought.

An EMP attack could launch us back to horses and wagons. Back to the 1800s. One single day could turn out clocks back 100’s of years. All that has to occur is intelligently placed nuclear weapons exploded high in the atmosphere. Essentially, this is a rogue nation creating a horrific solar storm.

And yes, North Korea is completely competent in this arena. According to the Wall Street Journal, NK and their friends in Iran are similarly capable as well.

The Commission set up to determine the viability of an EMP attack from a rogue nation and to determine the potential for devastation determined that roughly 90 percent of people would die due to civil uprisings, starvation and the spread of diseases (source).

Those who were living on homesteads and those living “off the grid” would fair the best. Those living in cities would be placed in immediate volatile turmoil. Drinking water would run out quickly. Once the stores were looted, food and addictive prescription medicines would be gone. People would begin robbing and killing their neighbors for survival purposes.

There would be little in the way of appropriate communications allowing for calling for help. Smartphones and the Internet would be useless without a capable power grid. Newt Gingrich, when speaking in regards to an EMP attack, said it would “would send us back to the 18th century.”

We Aren’t Prepared For An EMP Attack

emp attackPower companies have all but admitted to being unsound in terms of protecting our nation from such disaster. Edison Electric says it would cost $20 billion to protect our power grid’s transformers from being susceptible to such an attack. Power companies haven’t ignored the issue, but similarly, they’ve not found any logical way to implement protections.

If an EMP attack is successful, the transformers would need to be replaced. And the news gets worse: transformer parts are made overseas. So power companies would need to place orders for parts. We’d be looking at a 1.5 years worth of time just to get us back up and running. By then, the social hierarchy, our lives, would most certainly be changed forever.

The leader of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, Peter Vincent Pry, says we’ve underestimated North Korea’s ability to carry out an EMP attack on the United States. Pry also believes that an EMP attack would be more deadly to Americans than a nuclear missile hitting our mainland’s soil.

“The first nation to use nuclear weapons today—even a rogue state like North Korea or Iran—will immediately become the most feared and credible nuclear power in the world, a formidable force to be reckoned with, and perhaps the dominant actor in a new world order.” Pry stated.

An EMP Attack On Us – Now What?

In some ways, an EMP attack epitomizes the prepper movement. At, we certainly push a lot of content that’s geared towards “reasonable fears,” such as car accidents, tornadoes, and shorter term power grid situations. But the ultimate goal of a prepper is to prepare to live without convenient services such as food and water for extended periods of time. This means supplying yourself with food and water in less convenient manners.

If an EMP attack goes down, you will want to make sure your bug out bag essentials are packed, tested, and ready to go. This will be your bridge to resettlement. Having first aid, warm clothes, the ability to purify water, long term food, will help you survive in the interim as you set up a new life. If you live in an area away from the urban risks, you might be able to stay put. In this case, I’d hope you have a long term food storage plan already in play.

Gold might become the only true asset, but as any prepper will tell you, you can’t drink or eat gold. A survival garden, purified water, long term food, and a doomsday medicine chest will help facilitate your survival.

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