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North Korean Defector Says Military ‘Ready To Press Button’ Of Catastrophic War

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North Korean Defector Says Military ‘Ready To Press Button’ Of Catastrophic War

The North Korean situation continues to avert any hope of even the semblance of a light at the end of a tunnel. Tensions between the world (namely, the United States) and North Korea continue to run high-octane. It has stressed the region of Asia-Pacific that includes dangerously exposed South Korea and Japan, among a great many others.

What would happen if North Korea were provoked militarily? According to a former North Korean diplomat, now of defector status, Yong Ho, the answer is that catastrophe would ensue.

“North Korean officers are trained to press the button without any further instructions from the general command if something happens on their side,” Thae said Wednesday via NBCNews. “So if there is any sound of fire or bombs or strikes from Americans, the [North Korean] artillery and short-range missiles will fire against South Korea.”

South Korea’s population of near 50 million is at risk to experience major fallout if a provoked North Korea would assert their military capabilities into the region. It is becoming more and more clear that North Korea, while consistently labeled as a country ran by a dictator that disseminates hyperbole through media thoroughfares, is also more competent, militarily, than many seem to think. Their prowess for an EMP attack is without question a very real threat to the United States. North Korea is a biological warfare-capable threat to the world. And now, according to this latest defector’s concerns, they have a plan to cause catastrophic destruction at the mere inkling or suggestion of true military provocation.

Thae also suggested the United States do more in terms of open dialogue with North Korea.

“Some people do not believe in soft power, but only in military options. But it is necessary to reconsider whether we have tried all non-military options before we decide that military action against North Korea is all that is left,” he said.

“Before any military action is taken,” he added. “I think it is necessary to meet Kim Jong Un at least once to understand his thinking and to try to convince him that he would be destroyed if he continues his current direction.”

So should we be throwing our bug out bags in the car? Not yet, but we’ve now gone beyond the palatable, endurable idea that North Korea is an outlandish windbag that’s full of no action. We’ve stacked the deck with real, viable threats that are confirmed. In other words, the rogue country is capable, and now, ready to act on those capabilities. And as Americans, we have to consider that our bubbly society could burst if North Korea would enact rogue reactions to a Trump administration military provocation. Worse more, North Korea could potentially misinterpret a set of circumstances and decidedly act.

But North Korea Would Be Destroyed In The Process

This is most likely correct. But that alone is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It hardly lowers the threat level even minuscule amounts. A war between the United States and North Korea might be a proxy war between the United States and Iran. Iran has been silent, or at least more subdued than usual, even as Trump condemns their recent deal with the United States. It is likely that Iran is funding and assisting, militarily, North Korea. Yes, North Korea is buying Bitcoins as a way to hedge a financial doomsday future, but their vast and increased production of military capabilities is unlikely a result of their own internal competency.

If North Korea has a plan to “push a button” and implode the entire surrounding region, it is likely that all North Korean elite military and government personnel have a plan for immediate relocation, most likely to a place such as Iran. And in some ways, a life post-dictatorship in an authoritarian ruled Islamic land could be the perfect retirement circumstances.

There is little doubt that Kim Jong Un relishes in his authoritarian powers. It would be difficult to argue that he is more satisfied living in a land that allows him to torture citizens and pillages them over living in a lavish oil-funded Islamic resort. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take the deal if provoked. In some ways, Kim Jong Un, a secular being that rules against the idea of religion in his atheist based habitat, would likely absorb some celestial accolades, even if interpersonal, if he pulled the trigger on death, destruction, and world discord. Financial sectors would collapse, making Bitcoin, something he possesses a great deal of, a likely intelligent hedge.

Could North Korean Defector’s Commentary Be Misinformation?

Without question, “defectors” could pose the threat of misinformation viruses aimed at empowering North Korea’s potential threat level. But even that doesn’t make Thae’s commentary fallacy. There are likely truths that exist, even if they exist in military prowess of their own. And I’d be inclined to allow my inner-prepper to take the precautions necessary.

Would Trump Attack North Korea?

That’s the driving factor in all matters at hand. The fact is, we truly can’t get a bead on President Trump for his next tweet, much less his military inclinations involving a provocative rogue nation. Most Presidents have used warfare on a large scale at some point during their Presidency. Trump’s used some warfare in Syria. He’s consistently touted that military action is on the table when it comes to North Korea. Trump, in many ways, is a wildcard in matters of national defense. He’s likely to assume positions of his military cabinet if history serves.

Preparation is the only way to protect your personal interests. To think that a war with North Korea would not affect our western bubble is putting on display a sad state of bubble-life. Any military action in North Korea could dramatically change our lives. And North Korea, whether it be EMP attack, biological warfare, or use of nuclear missiles, is capable of launching direct strikes towards the United States mainland.

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Author: Jim Satney

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