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NRA Arming Virginians With High-Capacity Magazines As Tensions Flare

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NRA Arming Virginians With High-Capacity Magazines As Tensions Flare

The NRA is handing out high-capacity magazines to Virginians in Richmond today. The announcement has garnered an incredible amount of support, peppered by liberal calls of “terrorism support.” The NRA cited 1,000 30 round Magpul magazines being airlifted to a nearby site. Magpul is one of the largest AR15 accessory makers in the world. Soon, according to the NRA, those magazines will be in the hands of pro-Second Amendment Virginians who decide to show up.

Today is the day that the NRA has requested that Virginia gun supporters flood the Virginia Senate meetings so that equal voices can be heard.

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Democrats are rapidly attempting to pass major gun laws that will dramatically restrict gun ownership rights. Of some of the more notable incoming bills, bans on AR15s and high-capacity magazines lead the way. The state is also seeking to create a gun ownership database. And all of these laws are likely to be retroactive and unless gun owners comply within the grace period, they face potential jail time.

But gun sanctuary counties have nearly overtaken the entire state of Virginia, prompting officials to ramp up their prison budget to accommodate soon-to-be gun law violators. Virginia is quickly becoming a potential epicenter for a civil war climate.

Author: Jim Satney

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