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Obama Allowed Saudis To Torture Hundreds Of LGBT Without Sanctions


Obama Allowed Saudis To Torture Hundreds Of LGBT Without Sanctions

The media is once again furiously attacking President Trump. As per the usual, the media’s myopic daily diet of never-Trump blurbs, headlines, and segments is unprecedented mental clutter. It’s hard to keep up with if you are an employed, valuable part of society.

The new media lashing of Trump involves his recent response to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Long story short, it appears the Saudis ruthlessly and savagely murdered a journalist who commonly voiced his discontent for the Saudi regime. Its all an act to pretend that Trump’s stance on the Saudis somehow deviates from Obama’s. But the former media-darling, Obama, and current media-hated, Trump, hardly differ on current and previous Saudi stances towards horrifying inhumanity.

For the record, I don’t love Trump’s stance on Saudis. But I get it. I didn’t love Obama’s relationship with Saudis. But I got it. Its complicated in the most morally decrepit of ways. But let’s not pretend Saudi human rights issues are new, or that America taking a pass on the intervention of Saudi human rights exploits is new, either.

Convenient outrage is tearing our country at its seams. Its a truly mortifying place in history for us.

Where The Media Is Probably Right

President Trump released a statement that read, “we may never know all of the facts surrounding” Khashoggi’s death, but “our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The mainstream media’s argument is that we most certainly do “know the facts.”

The media is most likely correct. We probably do know the facts.

Saudi Arabia’s Murderous Disposition Is Far From New (Unless You Hate Trump)

Here’s a fact: The Saudis are a ruthless, savage, murderous, authoritarian regime.

khashoggi murder conspiracy

The Khashoggi murder is one of thousands of Saudi atrocities committed over decades and presidencies.

The Saudi Arabian top brass is a colossal failure in anything remotely moral, compassionate, or reasonable. They are killers. They are blood-thirsty barbarians fat from the herds of citizen-slaves that prop them up.

Fact: They probably killed a journalist who talked dirt on them.

Fact: They will probably kill more journalists who do the same.

Fact: Sudden compassion for victims of Saudi brutality and murder is the latest political scam. And by partaking in such scammery, fueled by media-bias, you’re complicit in years and decades of Saudi savagery.

It’s OK, and reasonable, to hold disdain for the United State’s cozy Saudi Arabian relationship. I don’t fault you unless your outrage is a shiny sparkly new toy. And it probably is.

Trump’s negotiating with the Saudis. He’s trying to give a little here and take a lot later. But that’s not the fundamentally important part of this article. The fact is, if you’ve always hated our cozy relationship with a murderous regime, then Trump’s potential negotiating prowess means nothing. Nor should it.

Liberals realize that if Trump takes any action against the Saudis, the economy will likely suffer. With 2020’s Presidential election season nearing, a floundering economy is to liberals what salmon pinned in rushing creek waters are to Yellowstone bears.

It’s a big fat easy meal ticket.

And that’s the saddest, most despicable aspect in all of this. Khashoggi’s life does not matter. Trump-hate matters. At the heart of it all, unless someone’s wretched murder can be tied to Trump-hate, the murder never happened. The media doesn’t care about global atrocities anymore unless they can be tied into a Trump incompetence narrative.

According to former Obama officials, our heroic former President never appeased the Saudis when they behaved in barbaric ways.

Want illusions?

Let’s take a look at a short history of Obama and Saudi barbarinism.

Obama Vs. Saudi’s Murdering, Torturing Gays

obama saudis

Former Pres. Obama never considered Saudi sanctions after hundreds of gays were tortured, some killed.

The way the media paints things, you’d certainly expect former President Obama’s tenure to be ripe and filled with heroic grandstanding against the Saudis.

You’d expect that…

But what’s reality?

Obama Tragically Ignored Hundreds Of Cases Of Saudi LGBT Torture, Murder

In 2010, a Saudi man was given 500 lashes using a whip and was sentenced to five years in prison for appearing in a gay video that was posted online. The filmmakers shot the video inside of the Jeddah prison. Per a government source, “The District Court sentenced the accused in a homosexuality case that was referred to it by the CPVPV (the Hai’a) in Jeddah before he was tried for impersonating a security man and behaving shamefully and with conduct violating the Islamic teachings.”

Throughout 2011 and 2012, the Saudi Arabian newspaper, Okaz, reported that Saudi Arabian police arrested 260 people on charges of homosexuality. Some of the men were cross-dressing, others were caught attempting to pick up male partners.

In 2013, the Saudis executed a gay Yemeni man. In order to justify the killing, they beefed up the charges with rape and murder.

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The needle in the haystack is Obama’s sanctions that you’ll never find. He didn’t condemn. He didn’t even mail the Saudi Prince an envelope full of glitter.


The media never erupted with outrage.

Let us not forget, Hillary Clinton was Obama’s appointed Secretary of State. As yourself, if she’d won the election, what would she do about the Khashoggi murder?

Saudis And Yemen Genocide

Yemen is in a state of war. The armed Houthis are battling Yemenis government forces. And it’s a bloody, dystopian-like conflict. Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition with the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. This is a proxy war. Iran is backing the Houthis. The U.S. would love nothing more than to thwart any and all Iranian agendas, so they’re gladly helping.

Saudi Arabia blocked the Port of Hodeidah for purposes of warfare. This has placed 10-million Yemenis in a state of horrific famine. The Saudi coalition is starving an entire country to death.

State designed famine is genocide, no matter how you want to paint it.

But if you ask the mainstream media why we should reconsider our relations with the Saudis, they’ll bring up the single murder of a journalist. Because, it’s incredibly fashionable in a never-Trump world.

How deluded is that?

If you were outraged by Obama and you’re outraged by Trump. Good on you.

If you are newly outraged by Trump, you’re soaked in CNN lunacy.

A few weeks prior to Trump’s inauguration, the Obama administration shut off some arms sales to the Saudis due to their activity in Yemen. However, the overall Obama presidency resulted in record arms deals with the Saudis that topped $115 billion in September of 2016. In case you are wondering, the Iranians began backing the Houthis in the spring of 2015. It wasn’t a secret.

Obama began ramping up arms sales to the Saudis in 2009. Why not? It’s great for the economy, right? Obama sold the Saudis warships, missile defense ships, ammo, air-to-ground missiles, attack choppers, and tanks. You know, all the basic things a regime that whips gays needs to protect, defend, and rule needs.

Congress May Attempt To ‘Force’ Saudi Sanctions

Congress may attempt to force Trump to place sanctions on the Saudis. Because, you know, a single journalist was murdered by an out-of-control murdering regime that’s spent decades murdering and murdering.

U.S. Economy Would Take Massive Hit, Which Fits Liberal Agenda

D.C. elitists want to cut off U.S. sales of weapons to the Saudis. Doing this shaves off a massive U.S. arms economy. It also opens the Saudis up to form more elaborate arms deals with China and Russia. This would result in thousands of lost jobs domestically. Yes, the production of weaponry in the United States is big business.

In other words, U.S. arms makers would suffer and Iran would bolster Russia and China. Both Lockheed Martin and Boeng would suffer, their share prices would surely suffer dramatic price drops. These are two huge companies, if either company tanks, the entire stock market will feel a drag. Just see the recent Apple debacle as a case and point. Apple is refusing to report iPhone unit sales. Investors are distrusting Apple. Their tanking stock is dragging the entire DOW/NASDAQ down.

Again, if you’ve hated this Saudi/America gig for years, it’s understandable you may want this.

But let’s be honest with ourselves, that’s not what’s happening.

But the implications of a U.S./Saudi international melodrama certainly don’t stop there.

Let us not forget, the Saudis are sitting on at least 260 billion oil barrels in reserves alone. They are by far the world’s top oil exporter. Their global influence is far-reaching.

If the U.S. does deploy economic or arms sanctions on Riyadh, the Saudis are likely to retaliate. The Saudis could dramatically cut oil production and drive prices from $80 a barrel to $400 a barrel. That would increase domestic fuel prices to $8 a gallon and probably beyond.

This isn’t just about the price of gas at the pump, it would serve as a calamity for products and goods shipped throughout the United States.

ExxonMobile would lay off employees and its share price would tank.

In 2006, the U.K. supported an international investigation into a Saudi arms deal. But the Saudis threatened to shut off terrorist intelligence agreements, placing the U.K. at higher risks for domestic terrorism. Tony Blair backed out of the investigation.

The point? The Saudis will retaliate. And liberals, realizing the greater implications, are pushing and forcing for such retaliatory consequences. They don’t care about our economy, the jobs report, or world peace. They care about tar and feathering Trump. This is another shining example of misplaced outrage. It’s nonsensical.

This Is Why Obama Did Squat For LGBT Tortures, Murders

And so now we circle back to our original point. Obama took no stands against the Saudis for their atrocious and inhumane treatment of gays because he feared an economic downturn. He did not want to disrupt or cause friction, with a global economic influencer just because they tortured gays with whips and killed some of them afterward.

Now Trump’s doing the same thing.

The worst part in all of this is that if Trump loses the 2020 election to a Democrat, the Saudis will be back in the murdering and torturing business unabated. There will be no outrage. Because in the end, this isn’t a moral issue, it’s a Trump-hater issue.

And that’s awful sad.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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