Danish Professor Suggest Armed War Against ‘Climate Deniers’

Ole Wæver climate change war

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A popular international relations professor at the University of Copenhagen says that unless the world takes more unified action to fight climate change, we may need an armed intervention. Yes, Ole Wæver is suggesting that if we don’t get in line with the climate change hysteria the media is pushing, armed invasions may be the only solution.

“At some point this whole climate debate is going to tip over,” he tells RN’s Late Night Live.

“The current way we talk about climate is one side and the other side. One side is those who want to do something, and the other is the deniers who say we shouldn’t do anything.”

Wæver believes that pro-climate hysteria politicians man soon need to react more harshly as a way to appease their constituents who will seek more forceful conflicts with “climate deniers.”

The professor’s claim to climate change fame began when he coined the phrase, “securitisation,” which implies that climate change threatens democracy as we know it. And according to him, that should mean war.

“The United Nations Security Council could, in principle, tomorrow decide that climate change is a threat to international peace and security,” he says.

“And then it’s within their competencies to decide ‘and you are doing this, you are doing this, you are doing this, this is how we deal with it’.”

In other words, the world according to Ole Wæver is better off in a state of war, whereas nuclear threat potential exists alongside certain human and animal casualties, is the only way forward to save the climate. By flying warplanes and fighter jets, dispersing massive warships, and annihilating croplands with shrapnel, we can progressively make the world a better place to breath air. Wars notoriously lead to increased chaos in sub-Saharan nations where warmongers tend to thrive beyond the bombs. And typically, refugee numbers around the world surge as people are displaced by armed conflicts.

But it should all save the environment. If we put enough “climate deniers” in front of firing squads, we can all move forward and continue living in a world of lavish private planes, SUVs, and paper cups.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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