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Oliver Stone ‘Shocked at How the CIA is Treating Trump’


Oliver Stone ‘Shocked at How the CIA is Treating Trump’

One has to wonder, are liberals about to begin eating themselves? Oliver Stone’s new Showtime documentary, or interview, features the famed director interviewing a brazen sounding Vladimire Putin.

Stone, referring to the Left as now “fractured,” also says he’s “shocked by how the CIA is treating [President] Trump.”

And here’s Stone doubling down by admitting that there is really no proof in the investigation of Russian hacking.


The DNC’s official “obstruction of justice” investigation against Trump is just more fodder for Liberals who are wholly looking to disrupt this Presidency in hopes of winning mid-term elections and going for an impeachment.

But this is a similar, if not exact, strategy as was used against Trump during the Presidential campaign where DNC candidate Hillary Clinton suffered a brutal loss. Have things changed?

So much of this strategy comes down to winning Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. It seems peculiar to continue deploying a strategy that only seems to garner support in Liberal stronghold states, such as California and New York. At some point, Democrats need to abandoned failed strategy and replace it with legitimate candidates worth voting for in swing states.

Unfortunately for democratic party supporters, change is not in the air.
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Author: Jim Satney

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