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Major Network Just Ran Clinton Foundation Mysterious Deaths Story


Major Network Just Ran Clinton Foundation Mysterious Deaths Story

One America News Network is a growing news network that’s not been shy in taking an unbiased approach to reporting news. Unfortunately when it comes to progressive, mainstream media, fair and unbalanced often gives you the label of “pro Trump,” which has been the case for OANN.

On July 5th, the Washington Post slammed the surging network as “taking pro-Trump to new heights.” But the fact is, they simply report the news, which means, unlike the MSM, not avoiding specific stories because they might harm a liberal agenda.

And such is the case with the Clinton Foundation related deaths. No one can prove that the Clintons or any of their associates are linked to the growing list of deceased individuals who had some connection with their foundation (often times, they were set to testify against them or knew specific information that could be deemed as harmful), but, the news should still be reporting stories with clear substance. And this narrative has proven time and time again to be ripe with substance.

OANN apparently decided that the last Clinton Foundation death was too coincidental to pass on, so they reported it on live TV. And yes, it sent the Internet into chaos.

Just in the past couple of weeks, two deaths of people related to the Clinton Foundation occured. And in both cases, the deceased seem to have intimate knowledge of their Foundation and business practices.

Clinton Foundation¬†investigator commits suicide. Clinton Foundation witness commits suicide. In the latter, the man’s suicide note said “THERE WAS NO FOUL PLAY” in all caps. Both were set to testify against the Foundation. When witnesses to major cases are found dead, that’s typically worthwhile journalism. A Reddit thread immediately broke out when the broadcast went live.

This isn’t an article saying that the Clintons have anything to do with the deaths, but it is saying that mainstream media avoids reporting any of this as if it were the will of God that it not be discussed publicly.

OANN is carried on DirecTV, Verizon FIOS, ATT U-verse and a few other lesser names. I would imagine that liberals who despise free speech have already complained. For OANN, they will now be the subject of massive anti-Trump ridicule, but they were already enduring that prior to this report.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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