Oprah Announces Wellness Tour To Promote Flu, Pneumonia Shots

oprah pneumonia vaccine

While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Oprah Winfrey claims she suffered a bout of pneumonia. She’s now promoting vaccines under the belief that she could have prevented her circumstances.

After experiencing ‘chest-rattling,’ Winfrey checked herself into a local emergency room where she was eventually referred to a lung specialist. Oprah’s since been cleared, but now she’s speaking out by promoting both pneumonia and flu shots. In fact, Winfrey plans to go on a wellness tour that promotes pneumonia and flu vaccines.

The flu shot promotion season is upon us, so batten down the hatches of your cubicle if you want to avoid the annoying HR person nagging you. But oddly, pneumonia shots typically receive no substantial media attention. Winfrey seems to be inclined to change that by yielding her megastar voice to the cause. But Oprah, now 65, hasn’t stated with certainty that she’s had the PCV13 (pneumonia vaccine) or a flu shot. So the jury remains out on that mystery.

Winfrey has some history with the polarizing vaccine debate. Back in 2007, she interviewed Jenny McCarthy regarding claims that the MMR vaccine caused her son’s autism. The staunchly pro-vaccine crowd felt Winfrey giving McCarthy a speaking platform was reckless.

Author: Jim Satney

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