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Oregon Says Parents ‘Too Dumb’…Places Kids In State Care

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Oregon Says Parents ‘Too Dumb’…Places Kids In State Care

Two Oregon residents have been deemed by the state of Oregon to be not intellectually capable of being parents. So the state has placed Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler’s children into the foster care system until further notice.

According to an article in The Oregonian, Eric Zeigler wasn’t capable of showing his children how to wash their hands. Keep in mind, we aren’t talking abuse here, we are talking about the state deciding that two people simply aren’t intelligent enough to be parents.

Ziegler and Fabbrini have IQ scores of 72 and 66, according to the Oregonian. And apparently, that’s not enough to allow for the challenges which come with parenting.

After their son was born, Fabrinni’s father, whom she does not get along with, began alerting the state that the Fabrinni and Ziegler weren’t competent parents on an intellectual level. It seems like having an axe to grind, these days, is the pouring of fuel on a burning ember that is government intervention in terms of invading parental rights. We just reported the struggles of a mother being reported to CPS by a jaded dentist because she opted for a second opinion regarding a cavity diagnosis.

The state department opened an investigation but came up short in finding abuse charges.

In reports of concerns about the couple’s parenting skills, a MountainStar [a nonprofit Oregon group devoted to helping prevent child abuse] worker recalled having to prompt them to have Christopher wash his hands after using the toilet and to apply sunscreen to all of his skin rather than just his face. Fabbrini and Ziegler’s attorneys argue these weren’t sufficient reasons to keep them from their son.

The state has immediately taken their second son, Hunter, who was born this year, and placed him in state care.

The state’s reasoning? “Limited cognitive abilities that interfere with [their] ability to safely parent the child.”

A volunteer mediator has told the state that she does feel the couple is able to competently raise their children. But it is falling on deaf ears.


Let’s take a breath here. Some might justify this action by the state as necissitated as a way to protect the welfare of children. By every account, that possibility exist. Unfortunately, the greater reality is that the government is now removing children for reasons that go far beyond a child’s welfar in terms of physical or mental health. They are removing children from homes based on parental IQ test scores. And that’s a tragedy. We can’t in any way allow for government agencies to decide what “test score” makes a human being eligible reproduce and subsequently, parent. This is a huge overstep on the part of a bloated Oregon state government that tends to use Liberal hot button issues as cover for expansive reign.

The government now believes that it can assess the risk for children based on ridiculous stats. Sadly, America has a ripe history of intolerance versus disabled parents. Over half the states in the United States allow for removing children from disabled parents and turning them over to state control.

The government should not have the right to decide the risk of children in these cases. They simply aren’t qualified. As well, this is a terrifying power grab that we, the people, should be incredibly hesitant to allow to go on.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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