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Outlaw 2 Sling Pack Review – An Affordable EDC Bag

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Outlaw 2 Sling Pack Review – An Affordable EDC Bag

The Outlaw 2 Sling Pack is 3V Gear’s latest play in the tactical shoulder bag market. As my Outlaw 2 Sling Pack review will show, this bag is an affordable EDC carry bag that can allow the working man or woman to stay prepared at all times. Here’s my breakdown:

Outlaw 2 Sling Pack Review

First, let’s attack the basics.

  • Material: 600D PVC-Backed Polyester
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Medium Sized Capacity (think gun, knife, hydration, laptop)
  • Sling Style: It tosses over the shoulder
  • Made in China

There are lots of pockets and sleaves to help with organization. The zippers feel tough, as does the material in general. The bag is actually a nudge heavier than pictures indicate, which ultimately is a good thing given you want it to last.

Now, I could tell you what 3V Gear will tell you, but that’s regurgitation. When I review an EDC bag, I tend to just take the bag and start stuffing it in the way I would do so without instructions. This gives me the best indication of use. Everyone’s use may be different, including 3V Gear’s recommended ways at doing things.

First, I’d be using this bag as an EDC work bag. And I’m going to come off rather overkill, but let’s look at how I worked things out.

Sling Pack Storage

I’m going to attempt to carry all this in my sling pack. Let’s have a look at how it all works out.



This is overkill, as stated. You don’t need a full-sized knife for EDC. You can opt for a smaller conceal carry, such as a Glock 43 or 43X. I’m stressing this bag.

Inside the bag itself, you’ll find a traditional large pocket that is clearly designed for a normal laptop. Inside of that, you’ll find a sleeve. I have my 15 inch MacBook Pro, which is similar or smaller than most PC laptops.

The dedicated laptop sleeve won’t house my MacBook.


This initially feels like a fail, but we have to keep in mind, this is an EDC bag, not a huge laptop bag. So, rather than use the sleeve, I simply use the main compartment and things work out fine.


The improvisation works out well, in fact, when I zip up, the laptop is super snug.

Now, with my full-sized CZ PC10, we have no issues whatsoever.

CZ PC10 EDC Sling bag

It slides right into the front wide compartment. I can put an extra magazine in, too boot.

Now, the full tang large knife…this should be tricky, right?

Not really.

As you can see, the huge Bear Grylls survival knife goes right in.

Lastly, the Yetti rambler bottle. In this case, I had to once again improvise. The Outlaw 2 Gear Slinger Pack has a hook on the back of it, but it’s not big enough to hold the Yetti bottle’s top.

In this case, I attached it using a carabiner.

The built in hook has some uses, but it’s the part of the sling bag I like the least. Here’s a closer look at what I mean.

outlaw 2 gear slinger pack

It’s small and doesn’t feel super durable. But it’s no big deal, it works out nonetheless. Here’s the fully loaded bag:

Again, I overloaded this bag. It fits snug, it’s easy to sling it around to access it. It should feel heavier than what’s in it. 3V Gear makes conceal carry attachments, again, I just wanted to load up what I got.

Also, it does have obnboard hydration which I didn’t mess with. If you are someone who commutes to a job and wants to stay prepared for anything, the Outlaw 2 Gear Slinger Pack is a great, durable fit.

You can purchase it for less than $50 on the 3V Gear site.

It’s a great solution for those who want an EDC sling bag but don’t want to break their banks.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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