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Over 100 Motorists Trapped In Rare April Nebraska Blizzard

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Over 100 Motorists Trapped In Rare April Nebraska Blizzard

A rare April blizzard wreaked havoc all throughout the northern plains this weekend, leaving around 100 motorists trapped and needing a rescue in Nebraska. While blizzards aren’t necessarily rare in Nebraska, they are in April. And although blizzard warnings were in effect in the region, it still seems many drivers didn’t take them seriously and ended up paying the price. Get blizzard facts here.

Nebraska state patrol released stunning pictures of the catastrophic traffic snarl.

blizzard nebraska

image: Nebraska State Patrol

nebraska blizzard

image: Nebraska State Patrol

The Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office and Sidney Police department had to he summoned to help the Nebraska State Patrol in the blizzard rescue operations. Most of the issues were limited to I-80 near Sydney. Police had to go from car to car to both check the health status of the drivers and passengers as well as rescue them.

“In addition to the large-scale rescues, troopers have responded to more than 80 motorists assist calls during the storm,” a release stated.

A 61-year-old semi driver was killed when his truck slid into a median, eventually crashing into another stranded semi. Sadly, if people would have listened to blizzard warnings and delayed their travel even slightly, much of this could have been prevented.

Author: Jim Satney

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