Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife Review

Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife Review

When it comes to putting together your bug out bag checklist, you darn sure better have a sturdy, reliable knife. Without a good quality knife, your chances of survival drastically drop. And even beyond survival, having a top level knife is just a man thing to do. My Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife review is one of my top knives on my best fixed blade survival knives list. And for good reason, this knife is the real deal, as legit as they come, a true champion in the knife vertical.

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Charlie Gard’s Parents Have Given Up According To Report

According to FoxNews, the parents of Charlie Gard will withdraw their application for seeking medical treatment in the United States.

“The parents of seriously ill baby Charlie Gard on Monday withdrew their application seeking to take the child to the United States for an experimental medical treatment, a lawyer for the couple said.”

Gard’s parents famously garnered support from the likes of the Pope and President Donald Trump, but it doesn’t seem that the political lines became any less blurred.

“The parents worst nightmare have been confirmed”, Mr Armstrong said.

Charlie’s parents say that they were forced into the decision after an American doctor saw a recent MRI and decided to pull the experimental treatment offer.

The parents plan to start a foundation in their son’s name and keep raising awareness. They previously raised £1.3m in donations for a show of support.