Nasa Engineer Issues Deadly Ozone Layer Collapse Warning

Dane Wigington

Global climate engineering programs continue to destroy the planet’s life support systems, including the ozone layer. The former NASA aerospace avionics engineer who has been working directly with Geoengineering Watch has issued an even more dire report on the unfolding ozone layer collapse. He has continued his ongoing UV radiation monitoring efforts with state of the art UV metering equipment supplied by Those who are most aware of their surroundings have long since taken note of the growing intensity of the sun. This change is not due to increased solar activity, rather, it is a dire symptom of Earth’s rapidly disintegrating ozone layer. Geoengineering Watch has issued previous warnings of the rapidly increasing UV radiation. Though there are many anthropogenic factors negatively impacting the life sustaining ozone layer, ongoing covert climate engineering programs are mathematically by far the most damaging. Many mainstream and “official” sources falsely claim that the southern hemisphere ozone hole is “recovering” (in order to pacify populations), however,  front-line data does not support the “ozone recovery” official narrative. Since the start of this century UV levels comparable to the surface of Mars have been recorded. The same sources of false “ozone layer recovery” data do not even mention the massive and growing northern hemisphere ozone hole.

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Depression Tests ‘Created By Pfizer Pharma’

Was your depression test a scam?

Depression and anxiety are bitter realities in today’s world. Getting the kids to school, paying the bills and a sluggish economy have us all a little bit beat down. For many people, taking a depression test at their doctor’s office to learn if they are clinically depressed is the only viable option they know.

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Joe Rogan Explodes On Mainstream Media

If you aren’t comfortable with foul language, I’d highly suggest you navigate away from this latest Joe Rogan rant regarding the “lying media.”

I will say this, the comedian and part time UFC announcer, seriously nails the mainstream media situation on all levels. Rogan calls them out for being agenda oriented and laden with sources that are essentially in their pockets.

I’ve said for years that the media is the cause of the divide in our country and never has that been more obvious than it is today. The media is seeking to hang Trump by driving negative Trump narratives down our throats on a daily basis. The question now is, will the people ever realize who they are really fighting? At this point, it seems like that answer is a clear “no.”

The media wants to control who is elected in our country. And now that they’ve failed, they are in overdrive to “make it right” per their own liberal agendas.

Mom Warns Parents Of Fidget Spinner Dangers After Her Daughter…

A Houston, Texas mom is getting the warnings out this morning, and that warning is to proceed with caution when it comes to fidget spinners. Kelly Rose Joniec says that her daughter was using the fidget spinner in the backseat as Joniec was driving. When she heard some awful noises coming from her daughter, she used the rear view mirror and saw that her daughter appeared to be struggling for air.

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How To Detoxify Your Dirty Mattress

When you sleep, you probably sweat (more than you know). You most certainly leave behind bacteria. This is all normal, but the bad aspect of this comes into play when you consider that the sweat and bacteria pile up.

I know, you change your sheets. But are you really getting rid of all that toxicity? Probably not. So you need to learn how to fully clean your mattress using baking soda (yep, that ever present stuff you find in your local store or can order easily right here on Amazon). And you can use it in the coolest, simplest fashion to enhance the odors of the entire room.

Check out the following video to learn more.

Photo by greg.chiasson

WATCH: Could Your Kids Escape Zip Ties Handcuffs?

Every parent’s worst nightmare is having their kids taken against their will. Even the most relaxed parents most certainly share the concern from time to time. As parents, we don’t want to prepare our kids so much that we have children living with massive anxiety. But at the same time, preparation can be the difference between life and death.

Could your kids escape if they were handcuffed with a zip tie? This amazing videos illustrates how prepared your child can be for such dire circumstances.

She’s impressive.

Trey Gowdy Nearly Breaks Down Vowing To Destroy Elite Pedophilia Ring

Trey Gowdy almost shed a tear (or two) for the victims of pedophilia. He was able to maintain his composure, allowing him to call out those who have chosen to obstruct the investigation into a sophisticated, elite pedophilia ring.

On his first day back to congress, Gowdy’s emotional speech took the room by storm.

I want you to give me a list of the providers that are giving you a hard time. We are going to have another [hearing] here. We are going to have them come and publicly explain why they are having a hard time complying with law enforcement in child exploitation and child abuse cases.

My guess is that will be a very tough public explanation for them. So, give me the names and the providers that you are having a hard time dealing with. And I may not be able to make them stop doing it, but I can make them come and explain why they are doing it.”

“And my guess is they won’t want to do that.

More than anything else we are united in our inability to get the images out of our heads.”

“Johnny’s got them, Judge Poe has them, and you have them, and any of us who did child pornography or child sex abuse cases.” 

Enforcing the rule of law and protecting human dignity through a fair justice system are among the chief responsibilities of Congress.”

Victims of child pornography endure severe trauma mentally, physically and emotionally.”