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Parents File Lawsuit Against 30-Year-Old Son Who Refuses To Leave

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Parents File Lawsuit Against 30-Year-Old Son Who Refuses To Leave

A 30-year-old is refusing to leave his parent’s home without a fight (literally, a legal fight). If this doesn’t define the pathetic state of our country, I’m not sure what will.

Michael Rotondo lives with his parents in New York. They want him to move out and start footing his own bills. They’ve even offered to help him get started. But Rotondo says he has the legal right to squat and he’s planning to fight them in court to prove his claim. He’s also deemed his parent’s wanting him to leave as a “retaliatory” measure. Michael allegedly doesn’t help out around the house and doesn’t pay any bills (I know, shocking). His parents have filed a suit against him.

The court date is set for later this month. Hopefully, this doesn’t interfere with Michael’s birthday which occurs seven weeks following the initial court date. We expect his parent’s home to have cake and potentially offer up pony rides.

What’s even further saddening is that this isn’t likely to be an open and shut case, because, well, Michael is probably good to go under state law. They’ll have to serve him up notice. Cases of squatting are rampant around the country due to state laws attempting to protect residents.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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