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Parents ‘Shocked’ As Helicopter Dumps Easter Eggs On Running Children

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Parents ‘Shocked’ As Helicopter Dumps Easter Eggs On Running Children

Dust flying. Easter eggs filled with candy being dropped on children’s heads. Kids being trampled. Kids and parents scaling gates. It all added up to look like a scene from a Mad Max movie. But it was anything but.

In fact, it was an Easter hunt in Columbus, Georgia for children gone horribly wrong.

“It was awful, I don’t even know how to describe it,” said Maria Phillips, an egg drop participant and mother of a 2-year-old. “It was like when Mufasa got killed in the ‘Lion King.’”

“The drop,” as it was termed, was put on by the Bridge Church of Columbus whereas they hired a helicopter to dump Easter eggs out of it on to a field.
They advertised all over Facebook prior to the event, summoning kids and parents to come out and enjoy a really special Easter egg hunt. But it turned out to be something other than enjoyable.

“I’m sure The Bridge just meant for this to be a really great thing to do for the city and it’s just sad how the people of the city behaved,” Walters said. “The adults just acting like a bunch of animals out there, it was like a stampede.”

The chopper was hours late, leaving kids and parents in sweltering heat. The organizers used fences to attempt to divide up the age groups, but things just went super wrong.

The chopper unloads as if to be dumping rations over a war torn country.

Kids running for cover and dust flying as a chopper dumps Easter eggs on their heads.

“There was no one down at the fence to stop people from throwing their kids over the fence or pushing through the fence,” Phillips said. “I saw one little girl, she had to have been like maybe 3 (years old), she went flying right into the fence.”

 “Nobody controlled their children,” Gillens said. “My kids had to fight for eggs with kids three times their size. At one point, there was a grown woman on the floor, laying on the ground. It was madness and they’re just little Easter eggs with candy in them.”

The video is, well, it is nuts. If video is broken, go here.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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